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Wash Cool, Save Energy
Discover a washing machine like no other: the Samsung ecobubble™. With ecobubble™ technology, cool water washes as effectively as warm, so you can save energy. It's gentle on your clothes and on the environment.
You can also receive a free 5-year parts and labour warranty on your new Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine*, so protect your peace of mind, as well as your laundry. It's great performance, guaranteed.
Explore the Samsung ecobubbleTM range
Samsung 5year WARRANTY
Revolutionary ecobubble™ features

Vibration Reduction Technology™ (available on selected models)

Sophisticated sensors keep laundry loads balanced and reduce noise and vibration.


Durable and efficient motor (available on selected models)

The Digital Inverter Motor cuts energy waste, lasts longer and reduces noise.


Diamond Drum™

Patented Diamond Drum design takes care of your clothes and is gentler on fabrics


Anti-limescale heater

Low-maintenance ceramic heaters reduce calcium build-up and last longer.

*Samsung reserves the right to change the details of its promotions. To receive the additional 3 year warranty period, you must register your details on www.samsung.com/uk/homeappliancewarranty within 90 days of the date on which you purchase your Samsung ecobubble™ machine.
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