Discover the Google Play™ Books app.

Purchase and read your favorite eBooks instantly on your
Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2
  • Access books on
    Google Play anywhere,
  • Find millions of eBooks
    with ease.
  • Bookmark your spot
    so you can pick up
    where you left off.

*Wi-Fi® connection required for purchasing and downloading.

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Be book smart.

Purchase and read millions of eBooks and take them wherever you go with the Galaxy Tab™ 2 and Google Play™.

Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2 7.0

Turn coffee shops into book shops.

Purchase and instantly read your favorite eBooks on Google Play™.*

*Wi-Fi® connection required for purchasing and downloading.

Go anywhere. Read anything.

With an adjustable brightness display and over 16 hours of battery life,
you can make just about any spot your reading spot.

Upgrade to first-class portability.

With a sleek and lightweight design, the Galaxy Tab™ 2 is the perfect carry-on reading companion.

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