ECO Vision & Framework
  • ECO Vision & Framework
  • Eco-Management 2013
  • Performance in 2009~2013

Eco-Management Framework

Eco-Management 2013

Eco-Management Implementation Committee

Eco-Management Implementation Committee Eco-Management Committee Eco-Product Council GHG/Energy Executive Council EHS Strategy Meeting
Name Tasks Head Frequency
Safety Council
Discussions and decision making with regard to environmental
safety policies
CFO Biannual
Eco-Product Council Establishment of plans and strategies for the development of
high-efficiency eco-products
CS & Environment Center Biannual
Environmental Safety Strategy Council Strategic discussions about the entire company's
environmental safety and healthcare issues
HR Head Quarterly
Climate Change
Working Group
Decisions on practical tasks for coping with climate change,
and monitoring of their progress
Head of Environmental Strategies Five times a year

What is “PlanetFirst” ?

PlanetFirst is a commitment, a mindset, and a fundamental approach that Samsung believes is critically important as consumers seek to balance their desire for cutting edge technology while pursuing a greener way of life.

PlanetFirst means always considering our impact on the environment first as we continue to work, develop, engineer and design innovative products and solutions to inspire and satisfy our customers. Samsung is committed to providing a better green experience through eco-friendly products, solutions and technologies that benefit our customers’ lives, affirm our shared values, and respect our planet.