Optimizing Wireless Healthcare

Samsung Wireless Enterprise™ provides healthcare facilities with optimized wireless infrastructure to improve efficiency and collaboration among physicians, nurses and staff, reduce investment cost, and achieve higher standards of patient care. Learn more about our Wireless Enterprise product portfolio.

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Top 5 Benefits of Driving an Efficient Wireless Work Environment

The growing number of mobile devices and the convergence of data, voice and video into a single device are some of the many challenges the enterprise is facing today. Discover the benefits of creating an efficient work environment where information can be easily and securely shared anytime, anywhere. Download our whitepaper now!


Wireless Enterprise World

Discover a whole new level of wireless, seamless, and creative smart work environment powered by LTE technology. An all-wireless infrastructure that offers the competitive edge you need –with Samsung delivering the best of all: Best Coverage, Speed, and Quality.

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WLAN Access Point WEA303 Series



The Samsung WEA303 Series are controller-based, dual-radio, three spatial stream access points that offer internal and external antenna models - WEA303i and WEA303e - and deliver data rate of 450 Mbps per radio.

WLAN Controller WEC8500



This high-performance WLAN controller is specially designed for mission-critical wireless networking. It can manage up to 500 access points, 10,000 client devices with a 20 Gbps data plane.

WLAN Manager WEM



Samsung WLAN Manager monitors access points and access point controllers, ensuring that users get the best network capabilities out of their products.

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