Unlock true mobility

With Unlocked by Samsung smartphones, you get the untethered freedom and flexibility to choose and optimize your mobile device–and elevate productivity.

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Unlock true mobility

With Unlocked Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you get the untethered freedom and flexibility to choose and optimize your mobile device–and elevate productivity.

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  • Productivity
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More freedom and control

Break free from contracts. Discover the freedom to choose. Travel without worry, wherever business takes you. Now you can easily optimize cellular and WiFi connectivity by accessing the best network and plan1, and stop paying more than necessary. Unlocked by Samsung smartphones work on most major U.S. networks and allow international business travelers to take advantage of lower local rates.2

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Flexible mobile solutions

Unlocked by Samsung smartphones take flexibility beyond just connectivity to help solve unique business challenges. Turn your handset into a WiFi-only device on your private network, support shift workers and routing scenarios, enable point of sale solutions and integrate countless peripherals—all with standardized hardware and no connectivity obligation. Plus, you can seamlessly plug into your work infrastructure and personal apps for the ultimate in flexibility.

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A leaner, more standard experience

Choose from a full portfolio of Unlocked by Samsung smartphones secured by Samsung Knox to meet your team’s industry-specific needs. Fewer pre-loaded apps means a more consistent user experience across devices, plus there’s more control to customize device software. A standard device fleet also means easier IT support, faster replacement and easier training.

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Defense-grade security

Unlocked by Samsung smartphones have built-in3 defense grade security from our award-winning4 Samsung Knox platform. Knox protects critical business data while allowing your team to privately access personal data.

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Freedom inspired by peace of mind

Every Unlocked by Samsung smartphone lives up to the exceptional standards of quality, performance, security and durability that you expect from a true business device. You’ll get extra peace of mind with Samsung’s standard limited U.S warranty that comes with all Unlocked by Samsung smartphones. Plus, Samsung Business Services offers continuous support for your mobile ecosystem.

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Why Unlocked by Samsung?

See the benefits of choosing U.S. Unlocked by Samsung devices compared to Non-U.S. Samsung Unlocked devices.

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  • Field Services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • IT Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • Field Services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • IT Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Enterprise

Get field support in the palm of your hand

Troubleshoot service issues quickly with smartphone apps that offer field service workers diagrams, demos, tools and one-touch access to real-time support—all in the palm of your hands. Unlocked by Samsung smartphones have fewer pre-loaded apps and no carrier apps to help simplify the user experience, streamline app loads and configurations, and ultimately make devices easier to manage and customize for work.

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Improve medical outcomes and response times

With easy access to records, symptom diagnostic tools, research databases and prescriptions on healthcare-specific apps, you can improve medical outcomes and response times for urgent patient services. Dedicated, Wi-Fi-connected Unlocked by Samsung smartphones can be less expensive and more user-friendly—ideal for work applications designed specifically for use on medical campuses.

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Provide exceptional guest services

Increase communications and improve operations by empowering maintenance and guest services personnel with Unlocked by Samsung smartphones so they can immediately respond to customer service requests. Custom or purpose-built hospitality apps connected via a private Wi-Fi network can increase employee productivity and cost efficiency.

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Deliver mobile-first bank branch services

Enable a mobile-first bank branch to support customers through Unlocked by Samsung smartphones on a private Wi-Fi network using custom apps and services. Unlocked by Samsung smartphones can also save time and money for bankers who travel internationally. Plus, standardized devices can be replaced quickly in the event of lost or stolen smartphones.

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Enable mobile point of sale solutions

From checking out to checking inventory, smartphones support productivity in retail by enabling mobile commerce and increasing customer engagement. Unlocked by Samsung smartphones in retail can be Wi-Fi-only enabled, offering access to systems and applications that empower your associates to quickly fulfill and exceed their job requirements, while saving costs.

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Streamline IT management

Alleviate mobile management headaches, reduce security threats and perform day-to-day tasks faster with a standardized portfolio of Unlocked by Samsung smartphones. By consolidating Unlocked by Samsung smartphones to a smaller number in your portfolio, you can reduce training, support and replacement costs—and eliminate the need to support dozens of devices in regions around the world. They also come with less pre-loaded software, allowing for easier configuration and customization.

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Move freely through the factory floor

Unlocked by Samsung smartphones can connect through private Wi-Fi networks that offer restricted employee use in your plant. This can help improve productivity and reduce distractions, ensuring workers utilize devices to manage inventory, effectively route floor space, access technical support and more.

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Optimize fleet management

Increase your employees’ productivity and reporting response times to address the 24/7/365 communication demands of today’s global trade and commerce industries. Transportation and logistics companies can standardize on a smaller set of Unlocked by Samsung smartphones assigned to fleet workers and take advantage of in-region mobile network plans.

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Securely mobilize the workforce

Unlocked by Samsung smartphones can be customized to meet your agency’s needs and can deliver considerable cost savings by limiting the number of devices approved for use by government workers. Create a more seamless mobile workforce across different agencies while providing defense-grade mobile security and trusted, reliable devices.

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Save more with corporate-liable mobile programs

Gain a competitive edge for your enterprise by implementing a corporate-liable program that offers mobile apps and tools to generate cost savings not possible with a typical BYOD arrangement. Unlocked by Samsung smartphones can help global travelers save on costs by making it simple to optimize connectivity and rate plans in local regions.

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