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Smarter ways to connect, create and share make the sleek and stylish line of Galaxy Smartphones the leader in next-generation mobile devices.

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    Slow and Fast Motion

    Capture every moment with Slow Motion video recording-no video editing tools necessary. Slow down or speed up all the action using the Galaxy S 4 Slow Motion and Fast Motion camera modes. Simply choose your mode, select your speed and start recording.

    Shoot Like a Pro

    Capture moments with the 13MP autofocus camera. Take simultaneous front and back photos with Dual Camera, edit them right on your phone with Eraser Shot and relive the memories in brilliant clarity with Story Album.

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    Touch Free

    Experience a whole new way to interact with your smartphone. Wave your hand at the screen to accept calls with Air Gesture™, read content by tilting your head or phone with Smart Scroll™ and preview content by barely touching the screen with Air View™. Enhance videos with Smart Pause™, which pauses any video that's playing when you look away from your phone. When you look back at the screen, the video resumes playing right where you left off.

    Group Play

    It's easy to connect, work or play with the Galaxy S 4. With Group Play, you can connect up to 8 phones wirelessly to play games and share your favorite tunes, photos, and documents - no Wi-Fi necessary.

    Hardware Excellence

    View all your content on a stunning 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED™ display that's powered by a robust 1.9GHz quad-core processor - all in a light 0.29LB smartphone.


    Tips & Tricks: Galaxy S 4

    Learn the basics of your Galaxy S 4 with these useful tips.


    Experience WatchOn

    The best place to discover and watch TV shows and movies.



    Featured Accessories


    S-View Flip Cover

    This convenient case allows view-through access to alerts, status and vital information in stylish flip cover form. Available in white and black.


    Smart Dock

    Convert your Galaxy® smartphone into a mini desktop computer with this work center hub.


    Battery Charging System

    Always keep a fully charged spare battery handy to replace a low battery and extend your day.



    Owners Hub

    Enjoy exclusive access to great apps, videos, tips and more.
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