The Next Big Thing in Music

More of What You Want to Hear

Exclusive to Galaxy owners, MilkMusic™ is an ad-free* radio service that gives you more of the music you love, curated by top DJs and industry pros and all for free.

*For a limited time.

Listening Comes Full Circle

Surf stations and genres by turning the interactive dial to navigate with no lag time between songs, sound is seamless.

Personalize Your Listening Experience

How fresh do you like your music? Milk Music lets you adjust what songs play, based on factors like release date and popularity. You can also customize your dial by adding preferred stations—or create your own—so your favorites will always be on hand.

Seamlessly Listen Across Your Samsung Devices

Your music is an extension of you. That’s why Milk Music syncs with your Samsung Account. No matter where you’re logged in, on your phone or tablet, your listening history and preferences come with you.

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