Accessibility Feature Highlights

To continue making our technology accessible to everyone, Samsung has developed and applied a variety of technical solutions. Through accessibility and an intuitive, easy-to-operate design, Samsung allows everyone to easily use technology and take advantage of new, exciting features.

Mobile Accessibility

Voice Assistant

When Voice Assistant is on, your phone provides verbal feedback to help visually impaired users. In Tutorial, you can learn more about the different features available and try them out.

Universal Switch

Control the touchscreen by connecting an external switch, by tapping the screen, or by using head movements and face gestures.

Mobile Accessibility Mobile Accessibility

TV Accessibility

Accessibility Shortcut

There is a one-click route to an on-screen menu which allows you to view or adjust the status of the TV’s Accessibility features.

TV Accessibility TV Accessibility


Vibration Watch

Get the current time as vibrations by tapping the watch face with two fingers.

Mobile Accessibility Mobile Accessibility


Accessible screen

Accessible screen helps children and wheelchair users use the Family Hub.

Home Appliances Accessibility Home Appliances Accessibility

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility Web Accessibility