Galaxy Watch showing Accessibility settings page.

Screen Reader

Screen Reader


Screen Reader helps users with visual impairments. It provides spoken feedback to help understand content that’s on the screen.

* Features of Voice Assistant will be continuously provided with Google TalkBack from One UI Watch 3.0.

Galaxy Watch showing a classic watch face and another separate watch face showing TalkBack settings page with a text bubble that reads the time above.

Visibility Enhancements

Visibility Enhancements

Grayscale /
Color Inversion

Switch to black and white or invert screen colors for better visibility.

Four different watch faces showing app icons and Visibility Enhancement settings page in both regular colors and inversed color.
Galaxy Watch face showing Magnification settings page and another Galaxy Watch face to the right showing that the Magnification settings has been enabled.


Triple tap the screen with one finger to zoom in or out of on-screen content.

Font size

Change the size of the font.

Galaxy Watch face showing Font size settings page.
Galaxy Watch face showing Add color filter settings page.

Add on a color filter

Add a color filter over the entire screen of your watch to make text easier and more comfortable to read.

Hearing Enhancements

Hearing Enhancements

Mute All Sounds

Mute All Sounds turns off all sounds from the device.

Galaxy Watch face showing Hearing Enhancements settings page with Mute all sounds enabled.
Galaxy Watch face showing Hearing Enhancements settings page with Mono audio enabled.

Mono Audio

Switch your earbuds from stereo to mono sound. Use this if you have a hearing impairment or if a single earbud is more convenient.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

Vibration Watch

Get the current time as vibrations by tapping the watch face with two fingers.

Galaxy Watch face showing Vibration watch settings page.
Galaxy Watch face showing Hearing Enhancements settings page with Vibration watch and Two finger triple tap menus magnified.

Accessibility shortcuts

Triple tap with two fingers on any screen to activate your selected accessibility function.

* Based on Android Wear OS wearable devices, Availability of these features may vary on wearable devices.

* Device images simulated for illustrative purposes.