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          Attach Proof of delivery/Proof of purchase
          Photo only, 5MB max; JPEG, GIF or PNG.

          Valid Proof of delivery/Proof of purchase required

          • Photo 5MB max; JPEG, GIF or PNG format only, must not be in an editable format (ie word/excel/html)
          • Must include the place of purchase on company receipt, including the retailer’s name, address, phone number or store number.
          • Must include the date of purchase.
          • Must identify the Samsung product purchased.
          • Must include itemized pricing.
          • Must confirm paid total; non-online purchases must include the payment method.
          • The following are non-valid proofs of purchase, and as such, cannot update the date of purchase: credit/debit card statements, sales quotes or estimates, private purchases (item purchased from another customer or sold through a bidding site/used products), units sold As Is, or units refurbished through any vendor outside of Samsung.
          Registration tips

          Purchase location

          Products purchased outside of the United States will not register.

          IMEI number

          Let us help you locate your IMEI number.

          Characters look alike

          The letter “O” can look like the number zero “0” or the letter “S” can look like the number five “5.” Take a closer look.

          Registered products

          Your product may already be registered. Please visit My Products to verify registration.


          How can I find the IMEI/Serial number for my product?

          We have prepared guides for your product, so simply click on the "Find your IMEI number" or "Find your serial number" button when prompted.

          Where can I find my registered products?

          Your list of registered products will be accessible on My Page & Products.

          How can I use a QR code to register?

          Scan the QR code using the camera app on your Samsung device and follow the prompted instructions for registration.

          How do I validate my warranty?

          If you believe there is an error in your warranty expiration date, find your registered device on My Page & Products and select View Product Details. Click the info icon ⓘ next to the warranty information and follow the on-screen instructions to validate your warranty.

          How do I register my SmartTag or accessories?

          Unfortunately, SmartTag and accessories cannot be registered online. For support regarding these products, kindly contact our dedicated customer support at 1-800-SAMSUNG.

          How can I register using SmartThings app?

          When you connect your Samsung smart home appliances to SmartThings app, they will be automatically registered.  

          Why is my product already registered?

          If you've made a purchase on or connected your product to SmartThings, it will be automatically registered to the Samsung account that was used. To review your registered devices, please visit My Page & Products.

          Why does my serial number appear to be invalid?

          To register for specific products, you must provide the model code along with your serial number. If you need assistance, click on "Find your model code."

          Dispute Warranty request has been already submitted, please check My Page for more details.
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          Samsung Account required for network-based smart services, including streaming apps and other smart features. Separate [connected] computer, mobile or other device may be necessary to create/log in to Samsung Account. Without Account log in, only external device connections (e.g., via HDMI) and terrestrial/over-the-air TV (only for TVs with tuners) available. If you do not have a Samsung Account, you can easily create one here: it’s free to sign up; terms apply.