The Earth is our priority

The Earth is our priority

Environmental Management

Samsung Electronics first embarked on its journey toward environmental management with the Samsung Environmental Declaration in 1992. Since then, we have been continuously expanding the scope of environmental management through other declarations on environment and medium-term strategy announcements, such as the 1996 Green Management Declaration and the EM2013 medium-term strategy announcement in 2009.

Samsung Electronics stands by its environmental management philosophy of contributing to human life and the preservation of the global environment based on respect for humanity and nature.
With this, we strive to provide eco-conscious values to customers and lead a sustainable future.

Environmental Management Strategies

Samsung Electronics has established medium to long-term environmental strategies that offer concrete goals and action plans with the objective to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
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Climate change is a crucial issue that all mankind has a responsibility to address. We seek to engage in addressing the global issue by reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions, harnessing more renewable energy and developing highly energy-efficient products.

Climate Action

Declaration and Implementation for net zero carbon emissions

Samsung Electronics makes efforts to move away from a linear economy with one-time resource consumption and transition to a circular economy that utilizes resources efficiently by reusing and recycling more.

Resource Circularity

Our Efforts to Achieve a Circular Economy

We strive to minimize environmental impact, taking into consideration all product life cycle stages from product planning, development, manufacturing, use and disposal.

Environmentally Conscious Activities

Develop Products and Manage Facilities that Minimize Environmental Impact

Environment Data

Download and learn about Samsung Electronics' environmental policies and guidelines