The earth is our priority

The earth is our priority

Eco-management value system

Samsung Electronics laid the foundations for eco-management as a philosophy for the 21st century in the Samsung Environmental Declaration in 1992. Since then, we have gone beyond adherence to environmental regulations and laws. We have put eco-management into action, offering our customers innovative and responsible solutions and partnering with them toward a sustainable future that we share together.


We contribute to the
preservation of human
life and
the global
environment through
business practice
that respects people
and nature.


We provide new
experiences to
conscious products
technologies and
lead the sustainable
future of the global

Climate change threatens our entire world. Our ongoing response includes minimizing emissions, maximizing efficiency, conserving resources and increasing the use of renewable energy.

Climate Action

Acting now for a sustainable, low-carbon future

Electronics can be made more environmentally conscious.
At Samsung Electronics, we consider the environment when developing all of our products, starting with the planning phase.
We strive to use advanced technology to make life more convenient and eco-inspired.

Environmentally Conscious Products

Designed for a healthy planet

Through innovative technology, we strive to make better products with fewer resources and find ways to reuse waste and end-of-life products.

Resource Efficiency

Towards a circular economy: Our conservation strategies

We’re committed to environmental conservation—at our worksites and beyond. By finding comprehensive solutions and taking preventative action, we maintain eco-conscious facilities. And outside our own sites, we work with local communities to preserve the biodiversity of the wider ecosystem.

Environmentally Conscious Worksites

Coexisting with nature

Our sustainability efforts are guided by strong environmental principles

Environment Data

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