The front view of WR9900M which is a washing machine for Flexible Washing, 3 Doors, Ergonomic Design



Accessible Screen

The Accessible screen helps children and wheelchair users to use the Family Hub.

Refrigerator Accessible Screen displays memo with 'Good morning'

Refrigerator Side Navigation displays the main control.

Side Navigation

Main control is located on the side and customers can adjust its height.

Font Size

If text on the screen is too small, you can adjust the size of your device’s font.

Refrigerator Font Size displays from Extra huge to Extra small
The Text-to-speech Options, Font Size, Grayscale, Negative Color, Accessible Screen are displayed under Accessibility on the screen.

Grayscale/Negative Color

Invert screen colors or switch to grayscale for better visibility.

Subtitles/Audio Description

Subtitles are provided for almost all US TV programs. Dialogue is visually displayed as text on the TV screen.

”Look! The rain has stopped and the sun's out. If a rainbow rises, I will be happy!” is displayed as text on the screen.
Highlight for Easy Handle to open the Inner case and Show Case doors

Easy Handle

The Easy Handle is a new way to open doors enabling easy and effortless access. Crafted for your comfort and convenience, this innovative handle is designed to make opening the sturdy door of Samsung’s new refrigerator easier for users.

Door Open Alarm

If there is a control panel inside the refrigerator, the light inside the refrigerator blinks to provide a door open alarm. This is a feature to alert people with hearing impairments.

Refrigerator doors are open showing beverages, vegetables and various foods.

Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Add Wash

When you’ve just started the laundry it can be very frustrating if you find a missing sock or you realize you need a shirt cleaned for the next day. But now you don’t need to worry if you’ve got some extra clothes to wash. The Samsung WR9900M washing machine’s Add Wash door lets you simply and quickly add any forgotten laundry items or extra detergent after your wash cycle has started. It also allows you to easily pop in hand-washed clothes that you just want to rinse or spin.

Open the innovative AddWash™ door to quickly drop in anything extra during the wash



Dual Door

The Samsung Flex Duo oven has a unique Dual Door that is hinged in the middle, effectively dividing the oven in two. It allows independent access to the top and bottom halves. This also allows you to maximize the total oven space and save energy while doing so.

There’s a Samsung dual door oven. And the upper door is open.

Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum

Point Cleaning

A person in a wheelchair can use the remote control to clean spots with dirt.

A remote control points to the dust and a robot vacuum is approaching the dust.



Virtual Flame Technology™

With the Virtual Flame Technology™, customers can check whether the induction is on or not and how hot it is.

A pot with the virtual flame is on the induction.
There is a long Flex zone on the left side of the induction. And there is a Magnetic dial which lets you control the settings of the induction.

FlexZone & Magnetic Dial

By automatically sensing the container, it is possible to reduce the effort of selecting a burner or correcting the position of the bowl. And the movable Magnetic Knob lets you control the temperature settings of the knob with precision.



Accessible Sound UX

Visually impaired can distinguish features with sound scale.

Displays the refrigerator door alarm with blue sign, ice maker with ON sign and moist care with freezer and fridge.

A robot vacuum is connected to a mobile phone. The robot vacuum's control system is on the mobile phone screen.


You can check and manipulate your appliance's condition anytime, anywhere, and provide voice feedback for users who are visually impaired.