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What is Smart Auto?

Smart Auto takes the guesswork out of taking great photos. Smart Auto chooses the best mode from 16 modes; the camera automatically adjusts to the scenery around you for the best possible picture.

The 16 modes are below:

  • Portrait
  • Macro Portrait
  • Night Portrait
  • Backlight Portrait
  • Macro
  • Macro Color
  • Macro Text
  • Landscape
  • Blue Sky Mode
  • Natural Green Mode
  • White
  • Night
  • Action
  • Sunset
  • Backlight
  • Tripod

Depending on the distance from the object and the light conditions, only certain modes can be used.

How to Use Smart Auto:

These instructions work for the majority of Samsung cameras, but if your model is different, click here to go to the Samsung Download Center, where you can search by your camera's model number and download a manual for it.

  1. For the majority of Samsung cameras, rotate the dial to AUTO.

  2. Align your subject in the frame.

  3. Half-press the shutter button to focus. A frame appears on the screen.
    • Green frame means the subject is in focus.
    • Red frame means the subject is out of focus.

  4. Press the shutter button the rest of the way to capture a button.

  5. To view the photo you just took, press the review button [  ]. 

  6. To delete the photo, select the trash can icon [  ].

  7. Press the review button again to return to shooting mode.

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