How do I Play a Video on my Samsung Galaxy Camera?

  • Video Formats

    Your mobile device can play videos in the following formats:

    DivX/Xvid VP8
    MP43 WMV7
    Sorenson Spark WMV8
  • Play Video
    1. To play videos on your device, touch Apps  > Video Player .

    2. Videos found on your device will be shown on the screen. You can see the videos listed by Thumbnails, List, or Folders. When DLNA - enabled devices are available, you can also view videos available on those devices by touching the Nearby devices tab.

    3. Touch a video to begin playback on your device. If you want to share the video with an available DLNA - enabled device, touch the icon. The number in the icon denotes how many devices are in range.

      Following video controls are available:
      • Pause the video.
      • Start the video after being paused.
      • Press and hold to rewind the video. Tap to go to previous video.
      • Press and hold to fast-forward the video. Tap to go to next video.
      • Volume control.
      • Capture Icon.
      • PIP (Picture In Picture) view. The video will be played in a small window so you can use your camera for other purposes while watching the video. Double-tap screen to return to previous size.
      • Original size view. The video will be played in its original size.
      • Full-screen in ratio view. The video is enlarged as much as possible wihtout becoming distorted.
      • Full-screen view. The entire screen is used, which may cause some minor distortion.

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