What if my air conditioner temperature is not cool enough?

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020

Samsung's air conditioner is designed to be very efficient. The fast-cool mode provides a rapid change in air temperature to quickly reduce room temperature to your designated setting. If the temperature of your air conditioner is wrong, even though you set the proper settings, check the following environmental conditions.

Adjust the temperature settings

  • When you feel the temperature of the air conditioner is not cool enough, check to make sure the selected temperature is set to low.
  • Press the + or - of the Temp button to change the temperature of the air conditioner.
  • The room should be insulated with all doors and windows closed to avoid poor cooling performance.

Clear obstacles around the air conditioner

If there are obstacles in front of the indoor unit or outdoor unit, it may cause the air conditioner to become inoperative. (Product cannot take sufficient air.)

indicator displays replace the water purifier filter

Consider the space capacity

If the room size is bigger than the capacity of the air conditioner, it will take more time to bring the temperature down. Therefore, it is recommended to use an air conditioner that fits your home area. If you use an air conditioner that has insufficient capacity compared to the area of the house, the house may not be cool and the electric bill will be high.

Check the air filter

When the inside air filter has too much dust, your air conditioner is unable to draw in a sufficient amount of air. This may be the cause of the issue with the temperature. We recommend you to clean the filter every 2 weeks or when the CF display code appears on the indoor unit display. (The CF display code means filter-cleaning reminder)

Please check your air conditioner model below and follow the how-to guide to clean the air filter. This will give you cool and fresh air. 


  • Find the user manual for details for the filter detach and assemble methods. (may differ among various models.)
  • Cleaning time frames may differ depending on the usage and environmental conditions. 

Step 1. Slide the filter off of the unit.

slide the filter off from the unit

Step 2. Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or debris on the filter. 

remove the dust from the filter with brush

Step 3. If the filter has a lot of dust, soak the filter for about 30 minutes in soapy water and then rinse it. 

cleaning the filter with water

Step 4. After rinsing the filter, dry it in a well-ventilated area. 

dry the filter

Step 5. Reinstall the filter.

reinstall the filter


  • Do not scrub the air filter with a hard-bristled brush or other rough cleaning tool.
  • If the air filter is not dried completely or is dried in a confined (or humid) area, a bad odor can occur.
  • Do not expose the air filter to direct sunlight when drying it.

If your air conditioner is a floor standing type with an inverter, check the following steps outlined below. The inverter floor standing model has two types of filters.

  • Full HD filter: It filters out the large particle dust of the incoming air. 
  • Zero filter: It traps small dust particles within the air. It is washable and can be used semi-permanently.

Cleaning the Full HD filter

Step 1. Pull out the Full HD filter according to the direction of the arrows shown in the image below.

pull out the hd filter

Step 2. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or running water. 

remove the dust

Step 3. Dry the filter completely in a shaded area.

dry the hd filter

Step 4. Push the Full HD filter to the end in the arrow direction so that it can be completely fixed.

full hd filter to the unit


  • Clean the Full HD filter every 2 weeks.
  • Cleaning time frame may differ depending on the usage and environmental conditions. 

Cleaning the Zero filter

Be careful with the sharp rear surface of the Zero filter. You may injure your hands. 

Step 1. Remove the lower Full HD filter. Grab the handle on the Zero filter and remove it by pulling it in the direction of the arrow shown in the figure.

remove the lower full hd filter and full out the zero filter

Step 2. Soak the filter in the water and shake it up and down a few times. 

soak the filter

Step 3. Dry the filter in a ventilated area.

dry the filter

Step 4. Push the Zero filter in the direction of the arrow and make sure it is fixed in the correct position. Put the lower Full HD filter back.

push the zero filter and put the lower full hd filter back


  • Clean the Zero filter every 3 months. (Based on 8 hours of use per day.)
  • Cleaning time frames may differ depending on the usage and environmental conditions.

Tips to take out the Multi type air filter

  • Be sure to hold the grill with one hand to prevent from dropping.
  • When removing the grill completely, unhook the safety hooks on both sides of the grill. 
push the button to open the grille
unhook the safety hooks both sides of the grille
remove the grill completely to cleaning the filter


  • The actual design of the air conditioner may differ depending on the type of model you have (or your region).
  • Please thoroughly read the warnings and important safety instructions in the user manual.

Cleaning the air filter

Step 1. Pull the air filter to the right side.
Step 2. Remove all the dust from the air filter using a vacuum cleaner or brush.

Step 3. Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. If the dust is heavy, rinse it under running water and dry in a ventilated area. 

Step 4. Dry the cleansed air filter in a well-ventilated area. 
Step 5. Reassemble the air filter. (Proceed in reverse order of how you detached it.) Then reset the air filter.

How to reset the filter

  • For an indoor unit with a wired remote control, press the Filter Reset button. 
  • For an indoor unit with a wireless remote control, press the Options button or Filter Reset, and then press the SET button. 

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