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Millie Bobby Brown kneels while holding up a peace sign with her fingers as she takes a selfie with a neon yellow Samsung Galaxy A80 that's propped on a white stool
A photo of Lil Miquela against a pale yellow background as she squats down, holding a reflective blue Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone
Steve Aoki standing with his knees slightly bent outward while sporting a yellow long coat as he holds up an unfolded Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone.
A photo of the gamer Ninja against a blue background holding a prism black Samsung Galaxy S10

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Samsung Within

One Giant Leap For Reality

For decades, people have gathered around televisions to witness groundbreaking moments. Now, 50 years after the moon landing, TV is making history again with the unprecedented resolution of QLED 8K.

Closeup shot of an astronaut in space, displayed in full color within a QLED 8K screen, as the image bleeds out outside of the screen to demonstrate how realistic the images appear with 8K definition.

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