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Express your inner artist

The PENUP app is a social network for people who like to draw and interact with fellow creative types.
It's a thriving art community right on your Galaxy smartphone.

Smartphone displays art created by the artist wandering_girl. Artwork shows a girl sitting at a window reading a book. Hand holding a S Pen is shown drawing on the artwork.

Create and talk about art

Create and upload your work for the PENUP community to see, comment on, like, and repost. You can also do the same with art shared by others.
The pieces you repost will be saved in a separate folder in your Collection.

Smartphone displaying the PENUP "Collections" category. Four pieces of art—ipé by edsilva, Untitled by Alex, Whale by ea_stasy, and Sunset at the lake by Mishelangello—are shown around the smartphone.

Play with color

Relieve stress and enjoy your free time by coloring. Access more than 2,000 free designs to color and create art that's uniquely yours.
New designs are constantly being updated for more ways to get inspired.

Step 1
"Coloring" menu of the PENUP app is shown. The "Newest" category is selected and displays six pieces of art.
Step 2
Drawing of a girl with headphones around her neck is shown ready to be colored. Pop-up notification for the fill tool displays the tip "the fill tool is an easy way to color in pages."
Step 3
Drawing of a girl with headphones around her neck fully colored.

Learn to draw using Live Drawing

Practice and improve your drawing by tracing over video clips. With over 1,000 videos available and more added regularly, you can choose to draw different subjects or just enjoy watching the process.

Two smartphone screens are shown. One screen displays the "Live drawing" menu with an orangutan, fish, owl, and steak with vegetables shown in the "Newest" category. The other screen displays a "Live drawing" video of how to draw a dog.

Draw on a background image

Draw on top of an existing background photo or one you’ve taken yourself.

Step 1
Home screen of the PENUP app is shown with the floating action button open. "Drafts", "From Gallery", "Photo drawing", and "Drawing" buttons are vertically displayed above the floating action button.

Step 1

Step 2
PENUP "Edit" screen is shown adjusting the size and opacity of an image of an old European style town. Opacity is set as 50.

Step 2

Step 3
Blue lines outlining the buildings of the old European style town image is shown. The PENUP fill toolbar is shown with the pencil tool and multi-color paint color selected.

Step 3

Refine your art with Layer

Take your art to the next level. Easily add new drawings on top of the original with each transparent layer to elevate your masterpiece.

Smartphone is shown displaying a face drawing with three layers floating above the screen. The top layer shows a pink chrysanthemum flower. The middle layer shows leaves, and the last floating layer shows pink lips.

Color in your favorite pics

Transform snaps into art. Make photos more special by turning them into masterpieces.
The Sketch Filter extracts the lines of your chosen picture for you to color in.

Step 1
Smartphone camera screen is shown focusing on blue boats floating on the water in front of European style town buildings.
Step 2
PENUP "Edit" screen is shown adjusting the size and opacity of the captured blue boats floating on the water scene. Opacity is set as 50.
Step 3
PENUP "Sketch filters" screen is shown extracting the outlines of the blue boats floating on the water scene. Contrast is set as 100.
Step 4
Sketch of blue boats floating on the water scene colored in using the PENUP app.

Join the Challenge

Be inspired and be motivated to create art as you participate in the Challenge.
There's a new theme biweekly.

Smartphone is displaying the PENUP Challenge menu. A challenge banner for shoes is shown in front of the smartphone screen. Three additional challenge banners for hats, rivers, and yellow objects are shown to the side of the smartphone.

The Hall of Fame

An exclusive space reserved for the best of the best. Star artists are featured here.
Compete for your spot in the Hall of Fame, where you will be remembered by users around the world.

Brown and white horse, black and white horse, and blue and yellow horse drawings are shown.


Flowers in vase, mountain landscape, and tree near a river landscape drawings are shown.


Mushroom house in forest, top of mountain landscape, and mythical beast emerging from the sea drawings are shown


Woman with umbrella walking in a city, cityscape, and rural townscape drawings are shown.


Butterfly girl with flowers, staring cat, and dog with cute round dumpling on head drawings are shown.


Try PENUP on Windows

Enjoy what the PENUP app has to offer on your Windows S Pen supported notebook.

Samsung notebook is shown displaying the "Live drawings" menu from the Windows PENUP app. The "Newest" category displays ten pieces of art.

* Supported only on Samsung devices


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* Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.