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Unlock new possibilities with Samsung Members

Samsung Members gives you exclusive content and always-on support to help you make the most of your device.

People of various races sitting on the floor and laughing. A Galaxy smartphone in the foreground is running the Samsung Members app.

Connect with a community of pioneers

Share your experiences, tips and tricks, and discuss your favorite features with a peer-led community.

Galaxy smartphone showing the Community page on the Samsung Members app.

Find answers and get tips on the Community section.

Galaxy smartphone showing the Write community post page on the Samsung Members app.

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Get the answers you need,
when you need them

A comprehensive FAQ section is ready with the answers you're looking for.
You can contact Samsung expert advisors 24/7 to get answers to all of your questions and in-depth information.

* Availability may vary by country, carrier or device.

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In-depth scans for your Galaxy

Meticulously check the condition of your device with thorough Diagnostic scans.

A Galaxy smartphone showing the Diagnostics page on the Samsung Members app.

Make the most of your experience with Samsung Members

Register your device to get helpful tips and always-on support.

* You can currently only register Samsung products.

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Galaxy smartphone showing methods for registering a product onto the Samsung Members app, including Scan QR Code, Scan Wi-Fi, or Enter info or Scan barcode.

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* Functions and features available on Samsung Members may vary by country and device.