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Samsung Cloud

A Safe Space for Your Data

Your devices are full of memories you don't want to lose.
Keep your vacation photos, concert footage, all-important work files, and more, in one safe place.
Samsung Cloud simplifies file management so you can easily access, backup, and restore data from your phone, or tablet.

* Basic plans may vary according to Samsung Cloud policy.

A man is looking a home screen of Samsung Cloud on holding a smartphone with both hands on the grass.

The Easy Way Back to "Your Way"

Keep things just how you want it. Even if you upgrade or reset your phone, instantly return to the comforts of home.
Samsung Cloud keeps your settings, layouts, and apps, how you remembered them and seamlessly restores your data across Samsung devices.

Supported items on Samsung Cloud can backup and restore across Samsung devices.

Always Have Your Memories with You

Your memories are always with you. By simply turning on sync, automatically upload your photos to the cloud so you can look back at them any time.
Just sign in to Samsung Cloud on any device to pick up where you left off, and get browsing.

A smartphone and a tablet showing a list of photos stored in Samsung Cloud.

Need More Storage?
Get More Storage.

Don't waste time deleting old files. When you need to free up space on your phone, it's easier than ever to upgrade your storage allowance.
With just a click, get more storage without choosing between your past memories.

* Services and storage plans may vary according to country and mobile operator, and may change based on Samsung Cloud policies.

A smartphone with 50GB storage plan settings for Samsung Cloud open on screen.
A smartphone with 200GB storage plan settings for Samsung Cloud open on screen.

Samsung Cloud and OneDrive Come Together

Samsung Cloud's Gallery Sync is brought to you in collaboration with Microsoft OneDrive.
Link your Samsung and Microsoft accounts and enjoy all the functionality and benefits of Microsoft OneDrive.

* Further information available on FAQ page.

You can show Samsung Cloud’s Gallery Sync by saving the gallery photos on OneDrive.

Start Gallery Sync with Microsoft OneDrive

A smartphone showing a tip card of OneDrive integration and a smartphone showing a layer of more in Samsung Cloud. A smartphone showing a result of OneDrive integration in Samsung Cloud app and a smartphone showing a Samsung Galley in OneDrive app using Samsung-MS account linking.

Simply open your Samsung Cloud or Gallery app to begin service integration.

Your gallery data is accessible on the Microsoft OneDrive app, from whichever device is nearby. It's also accessible from your Samsung Cloud app.

* This feature will be available on Galaxy Note10. It may also become available on additional devices through an application update.
* This feature may not be available according to country or mobile operator.

Getting started is easy

Customise what you want to save to the Samsung Cloud, what you want backed up, as well as what to restore from backup if needed.
Go to the Settings menu on your Samsung device to begin.

* Accessing Samsung Cloud and availability of features may vary depending on device, OS and/or country.

Samsung Cloud Settings

Samsung Cloud Settings
A smartphone with the setting icon magnified.
Step 1
A screenshot of Settings page to go to Samsung Cloud.

Step 1

Go to Accounts and
backup in Settings

Step 2
A screenshot of Accounts and backup page in settings.

Step 2

Select Samsung Cloud

Step 3
A screenshot of Samsung Cloud open on screen.

Step 3

Manage your data with Samsung Cloud

Cloud Usage, Backup & Restore, Sync

Cloud Usage
A screenshot of cloud usage status.

Cloud Usage

Back up data
A screenshot of settings for back up data.

Back up data

Restore data
A screenshot of data restoration settings.

Restore data

Sync data
A screenshot of syncing data with Samsung Cloud.

Sync data

* Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.