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Hand holding Samsung Galaxy S9 Midnight Black with Samsung Cloud open on screen

* Offered basic plan may vary depending on Samsung Cloud policy.

Your photos, data and settings are important, so we made it safe, convenient and seamless to access, backup and restore what you need across Samsung devices.

Back up and restore data and settings

Keep your data backed up because it couldn't be easier with Samsung Cloud.
Having everything you need in the cloud also means you have one less thing to worry about when your device stops working or you lose it.
Restoring your data and settings, whether to an existing device or a new one, is impressively simple.
From the home screen layout and its apps to the alarm and Wi-Fi settings, everything’s just the way you like it.

Galaxy Note8 Midnight Black and Galaxy S9 Midnight Black standing upright with illustrated app icons representing what you can do with Samsung Cloud

Your photos on multiple devices any time

Take a photo on your Samsung smartphone and it’s saved in both the gallery and the Samsung Cloud.
You only need to sign in to your Samsung account on your device; no need for a separate cloud app.
Now you’re able to access your photos and albums from your other devices whenever you want.
And since the range of supported devices continues to grow, soon you’ll be able to access your data from wherever you want.

A image of Galaxy S9 Midnight Black and Galaxy Tab S4 Black showing a list of photos stored in Samsung Cloud.

Upgrade for more

When you need more storage of Samsung Cloud, you can buy additional space right from the Settings menu on your device. And it’s not just for your photos and videos, you can also keep your memos, documents, and music files. You won’t have to delete a thing.

* Availability of services and storage plans may vary depending on the country and/or service provider.

* Storage plan may change depending on Samsung Cloud policy.

Galaxy S9 Midnight Black with 50GB storage plan settings for Samsung Cloud open on screen
Galaxy S9 Midnight Black with 200GB storage plan settings for Samsung Cloud open on screen

Getting started is easy

Customise what you want to save to the Samsung Cloud, what you want backed up, as well as what to restore from backup if needed.
Go to the Settings menu on your Samsung device to begin.

* Access to Samsung Cloud and the availability of features may vary depending on device, OS, and/or country.

Samsung Cloud Settings

Samsung Galaxy S9 Midnight Black with the setting icon magnified
Screenshot of Settings page to go to Samsung Cloud

Step 1

Go to Cloud and accounts in Settings

Screenshot of Samsung Cloud in settings

Step 2

Select Samsung Cloud

A screenshot of Samsung Cloud open on screen.

Step 3

Manage your data with Samsung Cloud

Cloud Usage, Backup & Restore, Sync

Screenshot of cloud usage status

Cloud Usage

Screenshot of settings for back up data

Back up data

Screenshot of data restoration settings

Restore data

Screenshot of syncing content with Samsung Cloud

Sync data