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Samsung Notes

Write everything easily

From adding new content to editing existing ones, there's freedom and flexibility with the Samsung Notes app.

On the screen, important notes that S Pen should remember ("Mother's Birthday !! 5.12 Wednesday") are shown in Galaxy Note 10.

Handwritten notes go digital

From sketch to script. Use your S Pen to scribble down notes by hand, then convert them to text.

A man writing a note through a Samsung Notes in a classroom. On the screen, showing how the handwritten text changes digitally via Samsung Notes.

Share your musings

Save, share, and edit as you like. Convert Samsung Notes to a variety of sharable file formats, including Word, PDF, image files, and more.

Three women sharing a cooking recipe with Samsung Notes. On the screen, you will see a menu where you can select the recipes and file types and shows various ways to choose which method to share (Bluetooth, Share large files, Word etc).

Swipe to switch your style

Editing made fun. Choose a style, and highlight the parts of your penmanship and doodles that you want to apply it to.

Samsung Notes on Galaxy Note10 and four S Pens are shown. On the screen, important words in notes are shown in green. The change style setting menu provided by Samsung Notes is shown.

Done with the S Pen

From scribbles to elaborate works of art, the S Pen breathes life into your creations.
Plus, you never have to worry about it running out of ink.

Three different screens of Samsung Notes with Galaxy Note10 and S Pen. On the first screen, pen setting menu is shown provided by Samsung Notes. On the second screen, text “Mother's Birthday!! 5.12 Wednesday” written by S Pen is shown. On the third screen, saved memo, “Mother's Birthday!! 5.12 Wednesday”, written by S Pen is shown.

Express yourself

Why stop at simple notes and drawings? Create rich multimedia content with photos and audio tracks.

Insert image from gallery
Inserting pictures in the Samsung Notes app
Insert image from gallery
Take a picture
Taking pictures by using the Samsung Notes app
Take a picture
Attach voice recording
Attaching voice recording files in Samsung Notes
Attach voice recording

Use smart Samsung Notes to record your memory

Phone number, email, calculator, and web link written in Samsung Notes may be easily accessed.

Activate the phone number on the screen
The phone number ‘123-1234’ entered in Samsung Notes of a Galaxy Note10 with S Pen is activated with phone icon.
Activate email on the screen
The email ‘’ entered in Samsung Notes of a Galaxy Note10 with S Pen is activated with email icon.
Activate calculator on the screen
The equation ’75x4=‘ entered in Samsung Notes of a Galaxy Note10 with S Pen is activated with calculator icon.
Activate web link on the screen
The web link ’‘ entered in Samsung Notes of a Galaxy Note10 with S Pen is activated with web icon.

Highly organized

Samsung Notes is so useful and fun that you’ll amass a ton of files in no time. Group them by themes of your choice so you can find the one you need right away.

Example of Samsung Notes drawer menu on a Galaxy Note10 with S Pen. Notes are grouped by All notes, Favorites, Locked notes and trash. Also notes is categorized by subjects of Work and Personal.