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Galaxy Note 5 S Pen

Hand holding S pen
Black sapphire Galaxy Note 5

CLICK TO ACCESS. Because S Pen is such an incredibly useful tool, quick and easy access is important. A satisfying click is all you need to have your favorite writing instrument in hand.

Animation of S pen coming out of Note 5

PENMANSHIP. While S Pen helps you get so much done, it's pretty good at the basics as well. True-to-life pressure sensitivity and a very accurate pen tip puts you in control of your writing and drawing.

ON COMMAND. The improved Air Command is activated immediately when S Pen is out. It's there on the screen waiting for you to take action.

Action memo
Smart select
Screen write
S Note
Add shortcuts

Action memo air command icon / Smart select air command icon / Screen write air command icon / S Note air command icon / Add shortcuts air command icon / Gold platinum S Pen / Travel plans handwritten memo and illustration of luggage and van

POWERFUL LUXURY. When you have 4GB RAM, you have the power to chat as you watch videos. It's natural to have two apps open on the same screen.

Playing video screen and sending text message at same time on Galaxy Note 5 screen

WHATEVER YOU NEED. With S Pen, long pages that require scrolling can be captured as one image, and the most awkward shapes can be selected and captured in one swift move. Writing notes on the captured images to share with friends is super easy as well.

Capturing image with S Pen on gold platinum Galaxy Note 5

TAKE NOTES WHENEVER. When ideas come flowing, you want to put pen to paper right away. Simply taking out S Pen lets you do just that even when the screen is off.

Writing memo with S Pen on Galaxy Note 5 when screen is off
S Pen

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