5 Tips to Master Night Photography

Learn how to perfect your night shots #withGalaxy

When the sun goes down, night time unravels its beauty and mystery. While you might often feel tempted to capture those dreamy night shots, a lack of guidance can leave you disappointed with the results. Since night photography is naturally challenging and technically sophisticated, here are 5 tips to help you master it.

Gear up smartly

While you are aiming to capture perfect night shots, you should ensure that your camera stays steady, either by using a tripod, or leaning your phone on a stable object. Steadiness is very crucial as the camera needs time to take in a lot of light and then capture your target. To avoid shaking the camera while tapping the shutter button, it’s recommended to use a remote shutter or depend on the camera timer to capture photos on delay. A flashlight and a power bank are also necessities in your little night adventure.

Aim for the Stars

A sky full of stars is all you need to get inspired and sharpen your night photography skills. Here are four easy steps to capture a dazzling starry night with your Galaxy S21 Ultra.
1- Switch from automatic settings to manual on Galaxy S21 Ultra by turning on Pro Mode so you can adjust the ISO, shutter speed and other settings yourself for each shot.
2- Go for a slow shutter speed—in order to capture enough light for the shot.
3- Adjust the white balance between 3500K and 4500K (most likely settling around 4300K), however the ideal setting for your shot will depend on your location and conditions.
4- Set the ISO until your screen’s viewfinder is exactly where you want it.

Explore some epic shots with Night Mode

With the night coming to life, you can try capturing amazing silhouettes against the bright sky, light streaks from vehicles moving around, or give a shot at night portraits – all bringing a whole new perspective to your epic photography.
Night Mode on your Galaxy S21 is enhanced by the Bright Night sensor which lets you capture clear and vivid photos in any dark environment, with more speed, less noise, while controlling exposure time.

Save your photos in RAW format

If you seek superb editing of your photos, RAW is the ideal format to save your night shots. RAW formats capture uncompressed information to let you apply your artistic vision and decide on how the image should look in terms of contrast, brightness, white balance, and many other settings. Other formats such as PNG and JPG are compressed formats which means less detail and even less editing capabilities compared to RAW.

Play around with your photos

Once captured, try playing around with the various settings. Try saturation to increase the intensity of colour. Contrast can play with your light and dark areas of your photos, bringing in that extra punch. Try adjusting the depth of field to make elements in your shots stand out. You can recompose your shots by rotating, flipping around, or cropping it. Explore different perspectives or angles to bring your night shots to life. It's always best to have natural lights in your shots. No matter what, have fun taking and experimenting your shots.

Master the Night, tonight.

Take your night photography skills to the next level with Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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