I can see the sign 'CL'. in the washing machine. Does this mean it is broken?

Last Update Date : Apr 16. 2018
I can see the sign 'CL'. in the washing machine. Does this mean it is broken?

Disply message to protect children and the elderly.
The Child lock function allows you to lock the buttons so that the wash cycle you've chosen can't be changed.

If you want to activate or deacivate the Child Lock function, press the Temp and Rinse buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. "Child Lock" will be lit when this feature is activated.

NOTE: When the Child Lock function is activated, only the Power button works. The Child Lock function remains on even after the power is turned on and off or after the disconnectng and reconnecting the power cord.

With Child Lock on, an alarm will go off and error message(CL, dE) will pop up as soon as the door is opened.  Then, drain willl automatically begin after 30 seconds.    With an alarm going off and error messages popping up, drain can not be stopped in the middle of the cycle.(Draining continues to occur despite power being switched off.)    Clear Child Lock if you want to add more laundry after setting up Child Lock.

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