Why are there blue stains on the laundry?

Last Update date : Sep 25. 2020

If laundry is coming out with bluish colored stains, it suggests the detergent compartment or the fabric softener compartment is being overfilled. When these compartments are overfilled, the detergent or fabric softener will immediately dispense into the wash tub, resulting in stains on the fabric.

Warning: Do not overfill the bleach compartment, as it will dispense immediately.

To prevent this kind of staining, fill the detergent and fabric softener compartments only to the max level indicator. See the illustrations below.


A normal cycle will add water to the drum and cycle back and forth a few times to evenly wet the load before any detergent is introduced into the wash tub. Once this action is complete, the detergent will be diluted and dispensed into the wash tub.


If you are experiencing this condition, run a sanitize cycle with no clothes to clean the machine. Then use the recommended amount of detergent and fabric softener when you wash your clothes.

Why are there blue stains on the laundry?
Why are there blue stains on the laundry?

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