Galaxy Note8: What is the function of the button below the volume button?

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020

It is a service that users can easily use applications, services and devices by reducing the execution 
steps through Voice(command) and Camera (Image recognition). 
It also recommends the personalized features based on the analysis of user's lifestyle at defined T/P/O (Time/Place/Occasion). 
We named this service as "Bixby“.


Note8 has dedicated hardware key for Bixby home and Bixby (under volume key) to offer easy access 
to its interfaces.


- Intelligence Service mainly consists of below different services:

1 Bixby Voice : Fast execution of app features and reminder through voice & chat
2 Bixby Vision : Search the items and places through images in the gallery or camera app
3 Reminder : Save the to-do-lists and content you want to watch again and show it later at defined T/P/O (Time/Place/Occasion)
4 Bixby home(Automated Personalization) : Personalized Apps and Services based on usage pattern

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