[Galaxy S8/S8+] [Note8] How can I watch videos on YouTube fitted to screen?

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020

The new Samsung devices as S8/S8+ and the Note8  have been following the trend of launching the device with an 18:9 aspect ratio displays.


This aspect ratio is still fairly new and majority of the HD video content on YouTube is still in 16:9 format.


That causes video apps like YouTube to add black bands on either side of videos shot in 16:9 aspect ratio.


YouTube launched their version 12.44 of the app, which allows users to utilize the pinch-to-zoom gesture to fit the video in the 18:9 aspect ratio. This feature uses crop-zooming, which means that the videos when zoomed in will have a part of them cropped from the top.

[Galaxy S8/S8+] [Note8] How can I watch videos on Youtube fitted to screen?

Make sure to update your YouTube app to the latest version.

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