What to do if your microphone or speaker is not working properly

Last Update date : Feb 23. 2023

If you are unable to hear the caller’s voice through the microphone or speaker on your Galaxy phone, there are a few things to check that might help. watch the video below to troubleshoot the issue.

Tips for call quality assurance. Tips for call quality assurance.

You can check the following to solve the issue:


Check 1. Maximize the In-call volume

If you can’t hear the person on the other end, try to set the volume to maximum.

Step 1. Press the volume key on the side of the device.

Step 2. The upper button increases the volume.

Step 3. The lower button decreases the volume.

Check 2. Check if “Mute all sounds” is off

If you can’t hear anything when making a call, “Mute all sounds” might be on. Follow these steps to disable the feature:

1. Open your “Quick Settings” and tap “Settings”.

2. Tap “Accessibility”.

3. Tap “Hearing enhancements”.

4. Toggle on the switch next to “Mute all sounds” to turn it off.

Check 3. Look for any obstructions to your microphone or speaker

Make sure that nothing is covering the microphone or speaker on your phone. A poorly placed screen protector or case is one of the most common causes of sound distortions during calls.

Device showing the location of the smartphone speaker.

Please note: The location of the microphone and speaker may vary depending on the device.

Check 4. Check that your SIM card is in a good shape

Does your phone keep dropping calls? Getting a no SIM alert after a call? Take a minute now to check your SIM card.

Step 1. Power off your device.

Step 2. Remove the SIM card from the tray to inspect it for damage or corrosion.

Step 3. If it is defective or faulty, get a replacement SIM card from your carrier.

Step 4. Make sure your SIM card is lined up with the smaller cut-out on the tray.

Step 5. After inserting it carefully, restart the device and test again.

Please note: If you are still having microphone or speaker issues after trying this, contact Samsung support as your device may have an internal error.

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