Experienced Hires

Experienced Hires

We believe that your expertise and experience will be a valuable asset to us. Join us and build on your existing expertise while we provide the necessary resources for your career growth.

Hear from our Management Team

“The winning spirit of the MX team and the support of cross-functional teams like Finance, Legal etc as well as access to regional and HQ resources enrich my time here at Samsung. In short, I enjoy the great teamwork!”

“In Samsung, I have learnt that as a leader, I need to adapt to the environment and adopt a learning mindset towards challenges and also towards leading my team.”

“It’s a very vibrant and dynamic workplace which always offers you new and existing challenges to overcome.”

“Our team does not walk alone; HQ & RHQ colleagues continuously share applications and ideas to sharpen local strategic directions for One Samsung’s great success.

“My colleagues possess and demonstrate drive, determination and the entrepreneurial spirit. There is great support and resources extended from the management.”

“​​Having a mentor in Samsung is also particularly valuable; they can help you to identify opportunities and guide you through challenging projects. Most importantly, a good mentor will take every team member’s recommendations into consideration for special projects and connect you with key stakeholders in the business.”

Behind the scenes of our hiring process

Take a look at how we build our teams at Samsung and how you can excel during the employment process.