Forget Gym. Start Cleaning.

How to exercise while doing housework

Looking to get more done at home in less time? Turn daily chores into a workout with these handy tips.

Vacuum everywhere

Skip that core training class. The forward and back motion of vacuuming naturally tones your stomach muscles. All you need to do is flex them, starting at your pelvis and move into your upper abs. Then keep them flexed while you continue vacuuming. To burn even more calories add lunges to your cleaning routine.

Strengthen your biceps

You don’t need dumbbells to get the job done. Picking up detergents, laundry bags and furniture is a great way to tone your arms and forearms. Simply lift each item up to perform bicep curls.

Window workout

Cleaning windows is just as good as working out on the rowing machine for ten minutes. Be sure to use large circular movements and to switch arms for each window. 30 minutes will help you burn up to 170 calories.

Meet your new workout partner

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