“ Get remote mobile remedy wherever you are with Smart Tutor ”

If you have issues or questions about your Galaxy and find it hard to visit a service center, connect to Smart Tutor!
Tech experts will help you online to find quick and easy solutions wherever, whenever.

※ Remote support service availability and operation hours may vary depending on the country or operation policy, and are subject to change/termination without notice.


Expert support mode quick and easy

Smart Tutor’ lets you share your screen with tech experts so they can help solve your device-related issues.

Here’s how it works.

#1 Easy access online

Customer service consultation is more convenient than ever.

Find online remote support anywhere, anytime.

#2 Expert diagnosis

Quick and easy solutions require precise diagnosis.

Tech experts will diagnose and take control of issues as if they were right with you.

#3 Various service features

Call back request

If you want additional support over the phone, press ‘Call back request’.                  



If it’s hard to talk with a tech expert over the phone during a remote support session, use ‘Chat’.



To stop sharing your screen, press ‘Lock’. You can hide or delete text messages, photos, account passwords and other data


Use Galaxy Smart Tutor

Smart Tutor’ is the fastest road to quick and easy customer service.

Here’s how you can get there.

1. Go to ‘Get help’ in ‘Samsung Members’ app, tap ‘Remote support’ to launch ‘Smart Tutor’

※ You can also launch ‘Smart Tutor’ by calling customer service and following their instructions.

2. To use the service, press ‘OK’. Grant access to data and agree to terms and conditions

※ Your service use may be limited if you do not agree to the terms or allow data access.

3. Enter the 6-digit access code provided to you from the customer service agent

※The above call center contact number is for illustration purposes only. Actual numbers may vary depending on the country/region.

※ If you did not receive an access code from the call center, you may get one by calling the number on the popup..

4. Enter the code and press ‘Remote Control’ to be connected with a tech expert!

※ This service is supported in OS environments higher than Android 2.4(Android Froyo), with the ‘Smart Tutor’ app installed. The ‘Smart Tutor’ app can be downloaded on the ‘Galaxy Store’ or ‘Play Store’.


When Smart Tutor can help

When should you use ‘Smart Tutor’?

Here are various scenarios in which you can get remote support and some frequently asked questions about the process.

#1 Smart Tutor use cases

Menu and feature inquiries

Guidance after the device activation, such as adding widgets or learning new features and proprietary apps, is available.


Account setup

How to set up accounts for Samsung, Google, and other email services.

 Display / Battery performance and errors

- How to set display modes or the blue light filter

- Inquire about display errors such as screen brightness or screen touch

- Inquire about device performance such as speed and battery life


Change device feature settings

Help with setting up device features like calling, messaging, and Bluetooth.


S/W upgrade and app update-related inquiries

Information or support on installing Android OS or app updates.


Data-related inquiries and support

Support with data transfers, backup, and restoration.

#2 Frequently Asked Questions

Is ‘Smart Tutor’ useable on every Galaxy model?


‘Smart Tutor’ works on all Android smartphones/tablets operating on Android 2.4(Android Froyo) or higher versions. Google Experience Devices (GED) are not supported.

The app doesn’t automatically delete itself after I’m done. Is this safe?


Under no circumstance will ‘Smart Tutor’ leak information. The remaining app is for the continuance of help afterwards.

How can I check if I’m connected to the service?


If you are connected to a remote tech expert, you will see an indicator on the bottom left corner that says ‘Smart tutor active’ in red.

Can the tech expert see my personal information?


The tech expert can access all categories for diagnosis purposes. However, you must confirm access authorization for personal information-related categories through a pop-up. Access deny will block the expert to approach the information.

From performance diagnosis to various setup instructions, troubleshooting is now made easy!
‘Smart Tutor’ will bring you help when you need it, wherever you want it.

※ Images shown are for illustration purposes only.
※ The above descriptions are based on Android 10.