A New Way to Journal
with the Samsung
Galaxy Tab S8

Explore new ways to write, draw, dream and
imagine with the Galaxy Tab S8 series.

Keeping your thoughts and notes organised, taking the time to self-reflect and even exercising creative self-expression are just some of the joys of journaling.

The versatile and portable tablet is no stranger to mobile productivity or entertainment on-the-go. What makes the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 — available in Tab S8, Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra models — so special is how digital journaling is elevated to a new level.

Journaling with Samsung Notes and Noteshelf[1], two free apps that are pre-loaded on the Tab S8 series, allows for great journaling experiences without the clutter of keeping physical notebooks. Seamless integration across Samsung devices and easy access to other modes of digital media with the Tab S8 also give you greater flexibility in how you write, draw, imagine and share.

Read on to find out how the Tab S8 series brings to life the ideal journaling experience.