Galaxy Buds Pro:
360 Audio & Auto Switch

Enjoy the immersive audio experience that
you feel like you're in the middle of the movie with 360 Audio.
You can also instantly shift the audio from
your tablet to smartphone seamlessly using Auto Switch.

Galaxy Buds Pro: 360 Audio & Auto Switch Galaxy Buds Pro: 360 Audio & Auto Switch

Activate 360 Audio

1. Launch the Galaxy Wearable app. Tap Earbuds settings in Galaxy Buds Pro settings.
2. Tap 360 audio.
3. Enable 360 audio and tune in. The Galaxy Buds Pro detects head movements no matter which way you go or turn, the audio recalibrates and keeps you in the center of the scene.

* 360 Audio and Dolby Head Tracking™ support may vary depending on app and content.
* Available only on mobile devices running Android One UI version 3.1 or later. (Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Tab S7 series)
* Supported device may be varied in the future.

Switch it up without missing a beat.

Here’s how.

Enable Auto Switch

1. Tap Bluetooth tab in Connections from Settings.
2. Among Paired devices lists, tap (icon) of the Galaxy Buds Pro device.
3. Enable Auto switch to other devices. Repeat the process on your tablet device to enable Auto switch to other devices.

Now, when someone calls you in the middle of a movie, the Galaxy Buds Pro will automatically switch the audio to your phone and switch back once you hang up.

* Galaxy devices must be logged in to Samsung Account to enable Auto Switch.
* Auto Switch feature only available on Galaxy smartphones and tablets with One UI 3.1 or later.
(Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Tab S7 series / based on January 2021) Certain devices or applications may not support Auto Switch.

From cinematic sounds to seamless transition.
With 360 Audio and Auto Switch on Galaxy Buds Pro,
elevate every day with epic sound and effortless control.

※ Images shown are for illustration purposes only.

* This content is developed based on Galaxy S21+ (Android version 11, One UI
version 3.1). Availability of the features, how to steps, or user interfaces may
vary depending on the device model, OS/One UI version, and country,
and subject to change without nofification.