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How to take photos like a pro with Galaxy Single Take

Capture every memorable moment with your loved ones and dearest pets.

Just tap once and get a wide selection of photos and uniquely edited videos to choose from using 'Single Take' mode on Galaxy. 


1. Open Camera app, then select ‘Single Take’ mode. Tap the circular shutter button to begin.

2. Move around to capture multiple angles of the moment.

3. When you are finished, tap the preview thumbnail. To view more results, drag the horizontal slider icon upwards.


To individually save the result, tap Select and pick the items you want, then tap the download icon.

Try Single Take

Galaxy, your next upgrade - Battery -

Tap the circular shutter button to get a variety of best moments.

※ Single Take feature captures images and videos of up to 15 seconds.
※ Screen images simulated for illustrative purposes only. Actual UX may differ.

+ Do even more with Single Take

1. Spotlight the joy of graduation

Make your milestone memorable that deserves to be celebrated, captured and shared!


2. Record a live band performance

Memorialize you and your friends’ big day with multiple shots of laughter and uplifting moments.


3. Capture your kids’ sporting events

Take a variety of shots of your child playing on the field from just seconds of footage.

Turn every moment you shoot into a masterpiece with your personal content creator – ‘Single Take’!

Explore the creative potential of cameras on Galaxy S21.

※ Images shown are for illustration purposes only.
*This content is developed based on Galaxy S21+ (Android version 11, One UI version 3.1). Availability of the features, how to steps, or user interfaces may vary depending on the device model, OS/One UI version, country, and subject to change without notification.