Lost your device?
SmartThings Find!

Don't panic even
when your Galaxy device goes missing.
Easily locate your Galaxy devices
with SmartThings Find.


Smart ways to find my device!

Introducing two smart and easy ways to start SmartThings Find.

2 ways to begin SmartThings Find

1. From Life Tab

Tap 'Life' > Tap SmartThings Find promotion card.

2. From Galaxy Wearable app

Galaxy Wearable app > Tap 'Find my Earbuds' or 'Find my Watch.


Offline doesn't mean off-the-grid. Try Offline Finding and Search Nearby.

Don't panic even if you lose your device when it's offline. Easily find your device with 'Offline Finding'. Get notifications when your device is located nearby with 'Search Nearby.

Try SmartThings Find!


1. Enable 'Notify me when it's found' to find your lost Galaxy device even if it's not connected to the network.

2. Popup message will appear when a lost device has been spotted.

3. Tap 'Navigate' to track the lost device.

4. Tap 'Search nearby' to locate the detailed location.

+ What is Offline Finding?

As one of the key features of SmartThings Find, once you opt-in to the 'Offline Finding,' it will allow your Galaxy phone to be found by other people's Galaxy devices, which opt-in to the 'Offline Finding.' It will also allow your phone to be used to scan for other people's lost devices, which opt-in to the the 'Offline finding,' that may be nearby.

* In order to use the 'Offline finding', the battery must remain when the lost device of 'Offline finding' is turned on, and there must be other Galaxy devices that have allowed 'Offline finding' nearby. 


Share your devices with other members!

Wonder how to track your Galaxy device's location efficiently? Share your devices' location with friends and family members using SmartThings so that they can help you to find your lost devices!

Invite new members


1. Tap 'invite member' in 'Member's devices'. You can choose between 'Sending an invitation' or 'QR code' to invite member.

2. Friends or family members who received the invitation must 'Accept' the invitation.

3. Go to 'My devices' then enable 'Share this device's location'. You and your friend's device location is now shared!

* Only devices that have been shared by their owners will appear in this list.
* If you want to add future members, you can add them from 'Manage locations' in SmartThings.

Experience advanced ways to quickly and easily locate your Galaxy devices from smartphones to wearables!

※ Support the following devices: Android v8 and above.
For examples, Galaxy mobiles phones, Galaxy tablets, Galaxy Watch3, Watch Active2, Buds Live, Buds+, SmartTag, S Pen Pro and etc.
※ Each device must be connected to Wi-Fi or other wireless network, or have 'Offline finding' turned on.
※ All devices linked to SmartThings must be registered with the same Samsung account.

※ Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.
※ This content is developed based on Galaxy S21 Ultra (Android version 12, One UI version 4.0). Availability of the features, user interfaces may vary depending on the region/country, OS/One UI version, and phone carrier. Subject to change without notification.

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