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Must-know features for Galaxy users

Did you just purchase your first Galaxy smartphone?

Find out Galaxy’s basic setup tips & tricks from ‘Eye comfort shield’ activation to answering/ending calls settings.

Eye comfort shield

1. Tap Eye comfort shield from Display in Settings.

2. Choose either Adaptive or Custom to adjust color temperature. You can also set schedule.

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How to receive/end calls with side keys

This was a helpful tip for my dad, who switched from folder phone to smartphone!



Phone > 3 vertical dots icon  > Settings > Answering and ending calls > Enable 'Press Volume up to answer' > Enable 'Press Side key to end calls'


Galaxy that fit into your lifestyle

Healthy sleep habits can make a big difference in your quality of life. Check out tip to improve the quality of your sleep.

Set bedtime

What if your phone is running out of battery when you’re about to head out the door?
Now, take advantage of ‘Super fast charging’ feature that delivers 100% charge in about an hour with the 25W Travel Adapter.

1. Go to Clock app. Tap  the 3 vertical dots icon, then select Set bedtime.

2. Tap Next to set up your sleep schedule. Then tap Next.

3. You can also enable Reminder notification or Bedtime mode. Tap Next to choose your alarm style and finish your bedtime settings.

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How to customize your call background

Share how to set your favorite photos, videos as call backgrounds.



Phone > 3 vertical dots icon  > Settings > Call background > Select a photo or video for background calls'


Seamlessly connect your Galaxy device

Galaxy devices don’t just work together, they work together seamlessly. Learn how to continue your experience from smartphone to tablet.

Continue apps on other devices

1. Enable Continue apps on other devices from Advanced features in Settings.

2. Repeat the same process on your tablet. Go to Advanced features in Settings from tablet device.

3. Enable Continue apps on other devices.


* This feature is only available on Samsung Internet and Samsung Note app.

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Increase volume by double tapping your earbud

Adjust volume by tapping Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds.



Galaxy Wearable app > Galaxy Buds Pro > Earbuds settings > Labs > Double tap earbud edge

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