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Start the year off right with Samsung Galaxy

It’s important to take stock of what’s essential in your life. Create a list of resolutions that can help you make a better-for-you lifestyle with Samsung Galaxy.

1. Get fitter!

Running, sleep quality, health balance, and your diet. Samsung Galaxy can manage all of them. Learn more about what Samsung Health can do for you.

4 habits to become healthier

Check out this app:

  • Enhance your life with Samsung Health. From sleep quality, body composition to your diet, Samsung Health will take care of them.

2. Smart habits, smarter life.

Wonder how to get more done in a day? Samsung Galaxy will boost your daily productivity 24/7!

Upgrade your productivity

Check out this app:

  • Create today’s agenda with the Reminder app. It’s quick and easy to make reminders on your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Samsung Notes is a hub for all your hand-written notes, sketches, and drawings. Access and take notes quickly, wherever you are.

3. Add more joy to your life.

Fulfill your daily life with your favorite yet energizing hobbies. Here are some activities that you can easily enjoy at home with Samsung Galaxy.

Nourish yourself inside and out

Check out this app:

  • Focus on what you’re doing, many things at once

    • How-to: Open ‘Edge panel’ > Drag and drop an app to launch in ‘Multi window’*

  • Manage your mindfulness with Calm. Explore meditation activities to help you get back into the swing of work or school.

    • How-to: Open Samsung Health > Tap ‘Fitness’ > Tap ‘Mindfulness’**


This year, it’s time to put yourself first. Bring out the best in you with Samsung Galaxy.



* Multi window may not be applied in some apps.

** Availability varies by region. Calm subscription is required.