Start the year off right
with your
Samsung Galaxy

Create a list of resolutions that can help you make a better-for-you life style with Samsung Galaxy


Get Fitter!

Running, sleep quality, health balance, and your diet.
Samsung Galaxy can manage all of them.
Learn more about what Samsung Health can do
for you. 

4 habits to become healthier

1. Sit less, run more!

Try out Samsung Health app's 'Together Challenge.'
If it is not easy to work out alone, do with friends by
creating your desired challenge.

How-to: Samsung health > Tap 'Together' > Tap
'Challenges' > Choose either 'Get there first' or
'Go the farthest'

2. Sleep Soundly

Discover your 'Sleep score' based on how much you
sleep and the quality of your sleep throughout the
night with Samsung Health app and Galaxy Watch.

3. Balance out your body fitness

Gain insights on your overall body composition.
Get fitness suggestions based on your weights and
body fat. .

* Only available on Galaxy Watch4 series

4. You are what you eat

Lost of track what you are eating? Creaate healthy
diet habits with Samsung Health and track the daily
nutrient intake!

  Check out this app!

Meet your personal trainer!

Enhance your life with Samsung Health.
From sleep quality, body composition to
your diet. Samsung Health will take care
of them.


Smart habits, smarter life.

Wonder how to get more done in a day?
Samsung Galaxy will boost your daily productivity

Upgrade your productivity

1. Get prepared with To-do list

When you have a lot to do, try making a
to-do list. Manage from A to Z with Reminder app's
various features.

2. Take notes whatever that is

Came up with a good idea? Seize all your inspiration
in Samsung Note, regardless of the format.
It can be a drawing or text!

  Check out this app!

Make your To-do list with Reminder

Create today's agenda with Reminder app.
It's quick and easy to make reminders on
your Samsung Galaxy device. of them.

Create notes with Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes is a hub for all your hand
-written notes, sketches, and drawings.
Quickly access to taking notes wherever
you are.


Add more joy to your life.

Fulfill your daily life with your favorite yet
energizing hobbies. Here are some activities that
you can easily enjoy at home with Samsung Galaxy.

Nourish yourself inside and out

1. Cook at home

Follow the cooking video step by step. Need to take
a note? Use the multi window feature on Samsung
Galaxy to take notes while watching a cooking video
at the same time!

2. Call it a day with meditation

Ease your mind with Calm features through
meditation or sleep programs. Make your everyday
happier and healthier.

  Check out this app and feature!


Multi window to multitask

Focus on what you're doing, many things
at once.


Open 'Edge panel' > Drag and drop an app
to launch in 'Multi window'

* Multi window may not be applied in some apps.


Manage your mindfulness with Calm


Explore meditation activities to help you
get back into the swing of work or school.




Open Samsung Health > Tap 'Fitness' >
Tap 'Mindfulness'


* Availability varies by region. Calm subscription is

This year, it's time to put you first.
Bring out the best in you with Samsung Galaxy.

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* This content is developed based on Galaxy S21 (Android version 12, One UI
version 4.0). Availability of the features, user interfaces may vary depending on
the region/country, OS/One UI version, and phone carrier. Subject to change
without notification.