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Travel Photography Tips: How to take great shots with famous landmarks

Taking photos of all the amazing things you come across is an essential part of every travel experience. Snapping a like-worthy photo is not as difficult as you think. Here are some tips on how to work your Samsung Galaxy phone camera to capture picture-perfect shots with your favourite landmarks.

Watch this video for tips on how to take photos at iconic landmarks:

Here’s how to use Wide Angle, White Balance and Portrait Mode on your Galaxy smartphone:

To use Wide Angle, you’ll need to activate Pro Mode on the Camera app.
First, launch the Camera and swipe to MORE.
Then, select the Pro Mode icon.
Use the three icons near the bottom of the viewfinder to toggle between the pro-grade Ultra Wide, Wide Angle, and Telephoto Cameras.

With White Balance (WB), you can experiment with light and colours:

To access WB, you need to be in Pro Mode. Then, tap WB.
Tap the Auto icon to disable default auto settings.
Use the slider to manually adjust the WB.

With Portrait Mode, you can now take stunning photos of yourself:

Turn on Portrait Mode by launching the Camera app.
Then, tap PORTRAIT at the bottom of the screen.

These poses are worth a shot

Unsure of what to do every time the camera is pointing at you? Say goodbye to awkward hands, basic peace signs and stiff “family portrait” photos with these simple poses.

Have fun snapping and keep your eyes peeled for more
photography tips coming your way next week!