How do I earn Points in Samsung Rewards?

You will earn Points for each Qualified Transaction* using Samsung Pay, depending on your current tier status or purchase products on


Number of Qualified Transactions made during the calendar month

Points Earned / Qualified Transaction


1 - 5

10 Points


6 - 20

20 Points


21 - 50

40 Points

You can earn a Tier status at any time in the month by making the required number of cumulative Qualified Transactions. The Tier status will remain in effect as the minimum Tier Status for the following full calendar month only (through the last day of the month at 11:59 p.m. MYT). You must re-qualify for future calendar months. For example: If you make ten (10) Qualified Transactions in Month 1, you will earn Points based on your "Silver" status for the remaining days of Month 1 and will maintain “Silver Status” for all of Month 2. If you only make three (3) Qualified Transactions in Month 2, your status as of the beginning of Month 3 will now be Bronze. If multiple transactions are made within five minutes of each other and/or multiple transactions are made when Device is not connected to either a cellular or WiFi network, you will only earn Points for the first Qualified Transaction. You can earn Points for up to 50 Qualified Transactions each calendar month. *Number of Qualified Transactions made during the Calendar Month, based on MYT (Malaysia Time)