Galaxy Note 9: How the optimum gaming experience is achieved?

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2020

Optimum gaming experience in Note 9 was achieved by applying this two concepts: 

1. Reduce Sluggishness due to Overheating.

While playing high graphic games, it tends to operate the Processor, memory, and RAM to its full capacity and does produce heat. When the device is overheating, it will affect the same parts and may deteriorate its performance. Thus lagging and auto shutdown could be experienced.  The device clock speed may reduce as well to cool down the phone but the gaming experience will be draggy as well.


Due to this, Galaxy Note 9 has  employed Carbon Fiber heat sink and a thermal spreader which is 3x bigger  (335 mm.)than the one used with Galaxy Note 8.


It produces a much better cooling performance. 

thermal and carbon fiber
2. Optimize the User Interface to play a game with no interruption.

The Galaxy Note 9 has game optimized user interface (UX)


a. Pop up panel - user can respond to messages while playing the game.


b. Floating pop up - user can answer the call  without the game being stopped.


c. Game launcher - all downloaded games are gathered in one  


game ux

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