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Samsung Introduces Smart Air Purifiers in Singapore

Nov 18. 2021

The all-new Smart Air Purifier range incorporates cutting-edge technology and features to improve the quality of the air and to enable Singaporeans to maintain a higher level of hygiene and well-being

Samsung's Smart Air Purifier cleans the air more efficiently and ensures that the space stays fresh and safe.

Singapore – 18 November 2021 – Samsung Electronics Singapore has unveiled its range of Smart Air Purifiers to help consumers breathe cleaner and healthier air.


While it is almost impossible to visually discern how ‘filthy’ the air is, poor indoor air quality can actually lead to respiratory issues such as asthma or allergies. The Smart Air Purifiers are designed to purify air within enclosed areas, offering homeowners cleaner air at home by filtering common allergy triggers such as pollen, pet dander, or even invisible gases and bacteria.


Available in two sizes, the Smart Air Purifiers offer purification coverage of 90m2 or 60m2 – which is good for use if you live in a small apartment or living room for larger homes. They are equipped with a Multi-layered Purification System and 3 Way Air Flow feature, so that consumers can breathe easy knowing that that they are inhaling the cleanest air possible. The purifiers can be controlled remotely via a smartphone through the SmartThings1 App and allow users to monitor and control the air quality in their homes – regardless of where they are.


The Smart Air Purifier comes in a neutral white colour and blends well with any interior. Its slim design ensures that it fits in almost anywhere, without taking up much space. Additionally, it comes with hidden wheels which enable users to move the air purifiers effortlessly, and adds to the overall clean, sleek design of the purifier.


“As consumers place more emphasis on their general health and well-being, they are also looking at appliances that can elevate their quality of life by providing an adequate defence against potential environmental or bacteria risks. Our Smart Air Purifiers are designed to make the air cleaner and purer, whereby common asthma and allergy triggers such as dust, pollen and chemical can be kept out. The purifiers also offer precise monitoring where they can indicate quality of air, or fine dust concentration. These features and more are powered by our industry-leading technology, and we’re committed to developing products that can ensure and protect the health and safety of our consumers,” said Jacqueline Toh, Head of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

Purer Air Everywhere

The Smart Air Purifiers incorporate superior features that significantly reduce pollutant levels in enclosed environments.

The Multi-Layered Purification System has three layers of filtration that removes common asthma and allergy triggers, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and harmful gases

  • Multi-Layered Purification System

The Smart Air Purifiers utilise a three-step purification process to maintain clean air. Each filter layer has a specific function: the Washable Pre-Filter extracts larger dust particles such as pollen or pet dander; the Activated Carbon Deodorisation Filter eliminates harmful gases2 and odours; and the HEPA Filtration with its ultrafine dust filter captures over 99.97% of ultrafine dust3 and particles as small as 0.3 microns and inhibits the spread of bacteria4.

3 Way Air Flow enables more thorough and effective air purification for living spaces

  • 3 Way Air Flow

The Smart Air Purifiers can quickly and effectively purify vast areas in every direction and corner with its 3 Way Air Flow. It sports a Front Air Inflow for easy air intake and a Power Fan for fast distribution of clean air in multiple directions.


This process results in a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)5 of 701m³ / hour for the 90m² model, which is appropriate for big living areas, and 467 m³ / hour for the 60m² model, ideal for medium-sized spaces.

The hidden wheels let consumers easily move the unit where they need it most

  • Hidden Wheels

The 60m2 air purifier comes with hidden wheels that allow consumers to easily relocate it from room to room as needed. Additionally, the wheels are concealed beneath the chassis, so they do not detract from the overall design.

Smart and Simple Maintenance
Packed with smart features and an easy-to-maintain design, the Smart Air Purifiers provide consumers greater control over creating a much more comfortable living environment.

Samsung SmartThings App allows users to remotely monitor and control the Smart Air Purifier

  • Wi-Fi® Control with SmartThings App

Users can conveniently monitor and regulate the indoor air quality in their homes from any location, at any time. Remote controlling of the air purifier is accessible via the SmartThings App1. Users may turn the purifier on or off, check the air pollution level, activate other features, and monitor the filter's status with a simple touch or voice command6.

Numeric Air Quality Display and 4-Colour Indicator provides a one-glance view of the air quality in homes

  • Numeric Air Quality Display & 4 Colour Indicator

The intuitive display of the Smart Air Purifier provides users with precise monitoring of the air quality at home. It is equipped with a Laser PM Sensor that detects dust, tiny particles, and gaseous pollutants and converts them to a numeric display that accurately represents the degree of air pollution. It also features a 4-colour indicator that provides a simple overview of the air quality.



  •  Auto Mode & Sleep Mode

The Smart Air Purifiers can automatically optimise the level of freshness in the air. Its Auto Mode adjusts the power and fan speed automatically according to the level of air pollution. Sleep Mode creates a more comfortable sleeping environment by producing a softer and quieter air flow, without display lighting. 

The air purifier is simple to clean and maintain

  • Filters that are easy to clean and replace

Cleaning the air purifier is easy and can be done by anyone in the household. Its Pre-Filter is washable and vacuumable, while the carbon deodorisation and HEPA filters are replaceable every six months. 

Local Availability and Pricing

The Smart Air Purifiers are available on Samsung Online Store and major consumer electronics & IT stores including Audio HouseBest DenkiCourtsGain CityHarvey NormanLazada, Mega Discount Store, Shopee and Parisilk, or their respective online stores.

If customers purchase any Samsung Home Appliances between 17 November 2021 and 31 January 2022, they can also get the Samsung Smart Air Purifier, 60m² or 90m², for $399 (a $250 discount) or $549 (a $350 discount) respectively.

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APPENDIX: Model Specifications

Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi® connection is required.

Tested on the AX80K7580WFD for toluene, xylene, benzene, ethylbenzene, styrene & formaldehyde gases in the National Test Institute of Korea.

The filter media has over 99.97% dust collection efficiency, based on a particle size of 0.26㎛, as specified by 42 CFR part 84. Tested at the National Test Institute of Korea.

Tested on the filter media of the dust collecting filter at the National Test Institute of Korea.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rating indicates the speed that air within a particular room can be cleaned. It’s measured in m^3/hr. A higher CADR means that the air purifier can clean air faster.

Voice control supported in 8 languages (UK English, US English, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian).