Not All FinFETs are Created Equal

14nm FinFET Technology
Samsung Foundry has taken a revolutionary step in the foundry industry by implementing FinFET technology. 3D FinFET is the most important technology milestone in the foundry industry in the last 10 years of transition into 14nm process for the superior performance, power and scaling benefits.

Industry Leading PPA - A Hallmark of Samsung Foundry's 14nm Process

Samsung Foundry introduced the foundry industry’s first 14nm FinFET process technology with the most compatible performance, power
and scaling benefit. What makes Samsung Foundry’s 14nm FinFET process technology unique is the FinFET process technology adoption with aggressive design rule and Fin 3D factor definition, which resulted in the additional scaling benefit along with power efficiency due to the smaller chip size.

In addition to having the process in place, Samsung Foundry has done early work with its key ecosystem partners to ensure that the design enablement and IP is fully optimized. Collaboration specifically around optimal Fin-based design infrastructure and early FinFET IP development has resulted in foundation libraries and advanced IP suite. On the enablement side, Samsung, with its EDA partners, has optimized its 3D device modeling, extraction solutions, and design verification as well as Design for Manufacturing (DFM) solutions.

Samsung’s 14nm FinFET Process Offering - 14LPE/ LPP/ LPC/ LPU

14LPE (Early edition) targets the early technology leaders and time-to-market customers such as mobile application
SoCs to meet the latest mobile gadgets’ aggressive schedule and improved performance/power requirements. 14LPE is
the first foundry process technology manufactured in the foundry industry with the successful volume ramp-up. 14LPE
offers 40% faster performance; 60% less power consumption; and, 50% smaller chip area scaling as compared to its 28LPP process.

14LPP (Performance boosted edition) is the 2nd FinFET generation which the performance is enhanced up to 10%. 14LPP is
the single platform for every application designs with the improved performance for computing/Network designs and the lowered
power consumption for Mobile/Consumer designs. 14LPP will be the main process technology offering in 2016 and after.

Both of 14LPE and 14LPP finished its product level process qualification with real silicon data.
Multiple customer designs were taped-out and some of them are under mass production now.

14LPE Early time to market edition 14LPP Performance Boosted Edition 14LPC Cost effective Edition
14nm FinFET Process Technology Features
- Scalability advantage by 78nm CPP and single-diffusion break.
- Smallest SRAM bit cell in 14nm node in the industry.
- Implementation of non-SAC process considering smaller Ceff.
Device Offerings
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