Devoting our people and technologies to create a better global society

Creating the Future
Our philosophy at Samsung Austin Semiconductor mirrors Samsung’s global philosophy of creating the future. We do this by focusing on great people, innovative products and services, and contributing to a better world. Our passion for creating a better world is a full-time commitment and it is reflected in all we do -- from our values to protecting the planet, we want to make a difference.

Inspire the World, Create the Future Our values guide us in making the right business decisions

The Values that Define Samsung’s Spirit

Since 1997, Samsung prides itself on delivering world-class semiconductor technology and continues to be one of the most advanced semiconductor plants in the United States. These five values define Samsung’s global spirit. While Samsung Austin Semiconductor embraces these values, we have also expanded them.

  • People
    Quite simply, a company is as good as its people. At Samsung, we're dedicated to giving our people a wealth of opportunities to reach their full potential.
  • Excellence
    Everything we do at Samsung is driven by an unyielding passion for excellence and an unfaltering commitment to develop the best products and services on the market.
  • Change
    As we have done since our foundation, we set our sights on the future, anticipating market needs and demands so we can steer our company toward long-term success.
  • Integrity
    Operating in an ethical way is the foundation of our business. Everything we do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness, respect for all stakeholders and complete transparency.
  • Co-prosperity
    Samsung is committed to becoming a socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen in all of its communities worldwide.

Samsung's Five Business Principles

In an expression of its commitment to corporate social responsibility as a world leading company, Samsung Electronics announced the “Five Samsung Business Principles” in 2005. The principles serve as the foundation for its global code of conduct in compliance with legal and ethical standards and the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibilities. Samsung Austin Semiconductor incorporates these business principles in all we do.

  • 01
    We comply with

    laws and ethical


  • 02
    We maintain a

    clean organizational


  • 03
    We respect

    customers, shareholders

    and employees.

  • 04
    We care for the

    environment, safety

    and health.

  • 05
    We are socially


    corporate citizens.

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