Using the bleach compartment in your washing machine

Last Update date : 2017.10.30

Only use Liquid Chlorine Bleach in your Samsung Washing Machine. Follow the instruction below on how to use bleach compartment in your washing machine:

Step 1: Add chlorine bleach to the bleach compartment before the start of the wash cycle.



    DO NOT exceed the MAX FILL line.

●    Avoid splashing or over-filling the compartment 

    Your washer automatically dispenses bleach into the tub.






Step 2: Your washer automatically dilutes liquid chlorine bleach before it reaches the load.




    Never pour undiluted liquid chlorine bleach directly onto the load or into the tub. It can cause fabric damage, such as weakening of the fibres or colour loss. 


    If you prefer to use colour-safe, non-chlorine bleach, add it to the appropriate detergent compartment, please refer to the User Manual (Follow the prompts and select the model of your washing machine). DO NOT pour colour-safe bleach into the bleach compartment. 


    Bleach is recommended to be used with white clothes/fabrics only.


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