What are the guidelines to use my Front-Load Washer with AddWash(WF45K6500AV)?

What are the guidelines to use my Front-Load Washer with AddWash(WF45K6500AV)?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018

Laundry guidelines

This article gives you tips to use your washing machine correctly.

Note: The provided information refers to the appliances sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ from appliances sold in other countries.

STEP 1 - Sort


Sort the laundry according to these criteria:

• Care Label: Sort the laundry into cottons, mixed fibers, synthetics, silks, wools, and rayon.

• Color: Separate whites from colors.

• Size: Mixing different sized items together in the drum improves the washing performance.

• Sensitivity: Wash delicate items separately. For pure, new woolen items, curtains, and silk items, check the labels for washing instructions.

Note: Make sure to check the care label on all clothing, and sort clothing accordingly before starting the wash.

STEP 2 - Empty pockets

• Empty all the pockets of your laundry items.

• Metal objects such as coins, pins, and buckles on clothing may damage other laundry items as well as the drum.

• Turn clothing with buttons and embroideries inside out.

• If pants or jacket zippers are open while washing, the drum may be damaged. Zippers should be closed and fixed with a string.

• Clothing with long strings may become entangled with other clothes. Make sure to tie the strings before starting the wash.

STEP 3 - Use a laundry net

Laundry net

• Brassieres (water washable) must be placed in a laundry net. Metal parts of the brassieres may break through and tear other laundry items.

• Small, light clothing such as socks, gloves, stockings, and handkerchiefs may become caught around the door. Place them inside a fine laundry net.

• Do not wash the laundry net by itself without other laundry. This may cause abnormal vibrations that could move the washer and result in injury.

STEP 4 - Prewash (if necessary)

Select the Prewash option for the selected cycle if the laundry is heavily soiled. Do not use the Prewash option if you will be adding detergent manually to the drum.

STEP 5 - Determine the load capacity

Do not overload the washer. Overloading may cause the washer to wash improperly.

Note: When washing bedding or bedding covers, the wash time may be lengthened or the spin efficiency may be reduced. For bedding or bedding covers, the recommended maximum spin level is “Low or Medium Spin”, and the load capacity is 3.0 kg or less.

Caution: If the laundry is unbalanced and the “UB” information code is displayed, redistribute the load. Unbalanced laundry may reduce the spinning performance.

STEP 6 - Add the correct detergent type


The type of detergent depends on the type of fabric (cotton, synthetic, delicate items, wool), color, wash temperature, and degree of soiling. Your washer is designed to use high efficiency (HE) detergents, such as Tide HE, Wisk HE, Cheer HE or Gain HE. High efficiency detergents contain suds suppressors that reduce or eliminate suds. When fewer suds are produced, the load tumbles more efficiently and cleaning is maximized.

Warning: Regular detergent is not recommended. Use HE detergents only.

Note #1: Follow the detergent manufacturer’s recommendations based on the weight of the laundry, the degree of soiling, and the hardness of the water in your local area. If you are not sure about the water hardness, contact a local water authority.

Note #2: Do not use detergent that tends to be hardened or solidified. This detergent may remain after the rinse cycle, blocking the drain outlet.

Caution: When washing wool using the WOOL cycle, use only a neutral liquid detergent. Powder detergent used with the WOOL cycle can remain on the laundry and discolor it.

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