23.6" NC241 All-in-One PCoIP® VMware® Zero Client Cloud Display


23.6 NC241 All-in-One PCoIP® VMware® Zero Client Cloud Display The accelerated evolution of corporate computing means that companies are becoming increasingly specific about selecting technology solutions. Data security is highly important, yet simultaneously top employees expect flexibility, for example being able to use personal devices for work purposes. The Samsung NC241 Cloud Displays meet both needs whilst reducing the hardware costs associated with maintaining a conventional IT system. Convenient on-site virtualised desktops grant easy access to individual resources without any compromise to their confidentiality. User comfort is boosted through the ergonomic design, with a cleaner environment through the all-in-one form factor that increases productivity. 0 5 0 reviews

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23.6" NC241 All-in-One PCoIP® VMware® Zero Client Cloud Display


  • Enjoy greater efficiency with connected Cloud displays
  • Streamline your IT operation with enhanced connectivity
  • Enjoy a safer and more cost-effective computer network
  • Work remotely thanks to breakthrough PColP technology

Offer a Clean, Productive Workspace with Streamlined Cloud Displays

Offer a Clean, Productive Workspace with Streamlined Cloud Displays
The all-in-one form factor promotes a clean working environment and easier deployment, with fewer cables and simplified assembly. Cloud displays have multiple ports to connect directly to most peripherals.

Enable Safer, More Cost-effective Network Computing

Enable Safer, More Cost-effective Network Computing
Corporate computing has evolved, and companies that want to upgrade face several challenges. Regulatory requirements in many industries demand a higher level of data security. The cost of maintaining and supporting a large collection of computing hardware can be prohibitive. Companies that want to retain good employees must provide flexible ways for them to be productive. Samsung NC241 Cloud Displays help businesses overcome these challenges. Data is stored only on the server, so it remains more secure. Cloud displays are typically less costly to purchase and maintain than conventional PCs. Cloud displays also provide convenient on-site access to virtualised desktops, so workers can access individual resources more easily. With a small footprint (just 0.05 square meters, or 82 square inches), these all-in-one zero client displays help save valuable office space. The displays include an embedded Teradici Gen2 chipset, with no external hard drive chipset.

Streamline IT Maintenance and Support

Streamline IT Maintenance and Support
NC241 is a zero-client PC-over-IP® (PCoIP®) cloud display that is designed to connect easily and effectively with a company’s data centre. Because software is centrally deployed, IT infrastructure can be easier and less time-consuming to manage. Most maintenance and support tasks, including software upgrades and patches, can be performed centrally and simultaneously, with no need to visit employees’ desks.


NC241 Cloud Displays also use PCoIP technology, a remote workstation protocol. PCoIP is the result of a breakthrough in display compression for connecting desktops over existing standard IP networks. The PCoIP technology compresses, encrypts and encodes the entire computing experience at the data centre. It then transmits it “pixels only” across any standard IP network to stateless PCoIP zero clients. With this system, data never leaves the data centre. The PCoIP technology is implemented in silicon for hardware accelerated performance, and in software in VMware® View™. PCoIP supports high resolution, full frame rate 3-D graphics, HD media, and multiple large displays. PCoIP also offers full USB peripheral connectivity and high-definition audio, all connected over a corporate LAN or WAN.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design
The NC Series Cloud Display integrates a variety of ergonomic features to enhance working conditions and ensure comfortable use over long periods. Its Height Adjustable Stand (HAS) increases the monitor's height range by up to 130 mm, and its tilt-and-swivel settings can be adapted to suit every user’s needs.

tech specs

Dimension of LF24NEBHBNM/EN


  • Processor

    TERA 2321

  • Operating System


  • GPU

    DDR3 512MB

  • Storage


  • Memory


  • USB

    2.0 x 4 ea

  • Ethernet

    Gigabit Ethernet


  • Screen Size

    23.6" (16:9)

  • Type


  • Brightness (Typical)

    300 cd/㎡

  • Contrast Ratio


  • Resolution

    1,920 x 1,080

  • Response Time

    5 ms

  • Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical)

    170 / 160 deg (CR≥10) / 178 / 170 deg (CR≥5)

  • Color Support




  • D-Sub

    1 ea

  • DVI

    1 ea

  • USB


  • Audio In/Out

    3 ea

  • Speaker

    1W x 2ea


  • Color


  • Stand Type


  • Wall Mount

    100 x 100

  • Form Factor



  • Power Supply

    100 - 240 V (50 / 60 Hz)

  • Power Consumption

    Max : 43 W, Typical : 28W

  • Power Consumption (Stand-by)

    Less than 1.1W

  • Type

    Internal Adaptor


  • Set Dimension with Stand (WxHxD)

    Min : 554.6 x 380.3 x 224.0mm
    Max : 554.6 x 510.3 224.0mm

  • Set Dimension without Stand (WxHxD)

    554.6 x 330.5 x 61.2mm

  • Package Dimension (WxHxD)

    626.0 x 400.0 x 195.0mm


  • Set Weight with Stand

    6.1 kg

  • Package Weight

    7.6 kg


  • Cables

    Power code

  • Others

    User Manual, Warranty Card, Quick Setup Guide