How do I connect my HW-J355 Wireless Soundbar to my TV?

How do I connect my HW-J355 Wireless Soundbar to my TV?


What TVs can I connect to?


~~Samsung TVs supporting the SoundConnect function. (steps below)

~~Other compatible TVs that support a Bluetooth connection (steps below)

~~TVs with an Audio or Optical connection (see below)



Connecting to a Samsung TV with SoundConnect


Follow the below steps to connect to your Samsung TV:


1. Turn on the TV and Soundbar

2. Go into your TV Menu settings, and select Sound > Speaker Settings > Add New Device

3. Press the Source button on the soundbar's top panel or remote control and select TV mode.


How do I connect my HW-J355 Wireless Soundbar to my TV? 


4. You will see a message on the TV asking you whether you wish to connect the TV SoundConnect function. Select Yes. Your soundbar will now connect to your TV


Note that if the distance between the TV and the Soundbar exceeds 5m, the connection may not be stable and the audio may stutter.  


Connecting via Bluetooth


1. Press the Source button on the main unit's top panel or on the remote control 


How do I connect my HW-J355 Wireless Soundbar to my TV? 


2. Select BT Mode.

3. You will see BT READY on the front display of the soundbar

4. You will now need to open Bluetooth on the TV or other device you wish to connect to. (Refer to the manual or customer website for that device for details on how to use Bluetooth on that particular device).


You should see a list of scanned devices.


5. Select [Samsung] Soundbar J-Series from the list. If you are asked for a PIN code when connecting the device, enter 0000


The soundbar should now connect.


If it fails to connect, delete the previous [Samsung] Soundbar J-Series from the list of devices and have the TV or Bluetooth device you are using search for the soundbar again.


The Soundbar may not perform Bluetooth search or connection properly if there is a strong electrical field around the soundbar, or if several Bluetooth devices are simultaneously paired with it.


Also note that devices such as microwaves, wireless LAN adaptors, fluorescent lights and some gas stoves can use the same frequency range as the Bluetooth device which can cause electric interference.


Connecting via an Audio Cable or Optical Cable



If your TV does not have Bluetooth or SoundConnect, the soundbar includes an optical in digital jack and an audio analog in jack, allowing you to use either an Audio Cable or an Optical Cable to connect to your TV.


How do I connect my HW-J355 Wireless Soundbar to my TV? 






Useful links

HW-J355 Wireless Audio Soundbar Manual

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