U.S. Executive Team

Gregory Lee

President and CEO
Samsung Electronics North America
Samsung Telecommunications America

Mr. Gregory Lee is President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America and Samsung Telecommunications America. As the company’s lead executive in North America, he is responsible for overseeing the company’s businesses in Canada and the United States. Maintaining his position as head of Samsung Telecommunications America, he will continue to lead the company’s mobile business operations and strengthening its leading positions in the smartphone and wireless markets in the U.S.

Mr. Lee has a long history with Samsung Electronics, having joined the company in 2004 as Global Chief of Marketing in the Samsung Electronics Heaquarters in Korea. Prior to his current position, he served as President of Samsung’s Southeast Asia and Oceania Headquarters for three and a half years.

Before joining Samsung, Mr. Lee’s experiences include Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s and Procter & Gamble in general management and marketing. Mr. Lee started his career in the United States and has worked extensively in both the U.S. and Asia.

Charlie Bae

President and CEO
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

As President and CEO of Samsung Semiconductor Inc. (SSI), a multi-billion dollar U.S. subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Mr. Bae is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's business including its DRAM, Flash and SRAM memory groups, liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD), storage, foundry and System LSI divisions and technical marketing organization.

For the past twenty-five years, Mr. Bae has held various strategic marketing and sales management positions within Samsung in Korea and Europe. Prior to his appointment at SSI, Mr. Bae was Senior Vice President of Memory Sales at Samsung Electronics in Seoul, Korea, where he was in charge of developing global sales strategy for the world's No. 1 memory company.

Prior to that, he served as President of Samsung Semiconductor Europe (UK and Germany). Before that, Mr. Bae was responsible for leading Memory Sales and marketing in this region. Mr. Bae began his career at Samsung in the Memory Application engineering division in Korea.

Dr. Youngwook ("YW") Park

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

As President of Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS), owned by Samsung Electronics, Dr. Park oversees one of the most advanced semiconductor plants in the United States where state-of-the-art mobile SoC chips are made. Dr. Park received his undergraduate degree in Material Science from Seoul National University, and his Master's and Ph.D from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). After earning his doctorate from KAIST, Dr. Park joined the research and development arm of Samsung Electronics' Semiconductor business in 1991. Dr. Park quickly established himself as a prolific inventor, authoring and co- authoring more than 150 U.S. patents.

From 2006-2009, Dr. Park served as the Chief Operating Officer of Siltronic Samsung Wafer in Singapore, a joint venture between Samsung and a German partner. In 2010, he returned to Korea and led the System LSI Advanced Process Team, Manufacturing Tech Team and Technology Development Team. Dr. Park was named President of Samsung Austin Semiconductor in October of 2013.