Add faster, easier, and more fun in your student’s vocabulary lesson. Any product you choose will deliver an A+ performance on any lesson that comes their way.

Galaxy S 4

Smart Thinker

Hit the Books: Compare class notes, go over homework assignments and share files with your classmates via your own personal hotspot with Group Play.

Keep in Touch: Interact with your smartphone using simple hand gestures that allow you to easily go through your phone so you can focus more on your daily activities.

Take a Break: Instantly look up what TV shows or movies are playing right from your smartphone with WatchON. You can browse your favorite channels with your Galaxy S 4, so there’s no need for that old remote control.

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Galaxy Note 8.0

Balanced Worker

Hit the Books: Get more out of every minute of your busy day with the S Pen™ and Multi Window. Quickly jot down notes with the S Pen while you scan through your emails—Multi Window allows you to use two applications at the same time.

Keep in Touch: Collaborate freely with Group Play, which allows you to share your screen with project groups and classmates in real time.

Take a Break: Access all your music, stream millions of songs and discover new artists with personalized recommendations from Music Hub, all from the cloud.

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Galaxy Tab 3

Connected Explorer

Hit the Books: Packed with features designed to enhance your productivity, the Galaxy Tab 3 offers fast and powerful web browsing on-the-go.

Keep in Touch: An expanded smartphone experience in a slim tablet, the Galaxy Tab 3 syncs with all the content from your smartphone and displays them on a bigger screen, optimized for efficiency.

Take a Break: A universal remote control, entertainment center and bookshelf all in one slim, lightweight design.

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ATIV Book 9 Lite

Inspired Student

Hit the Books: The slim, lightweight design of the ATIV Book 9 allows you to take your work with you, so you can study wherever you feel most productive.

Keep in Touch: Share important files across PC and mobile devices with SideSync and share your screen with friends and fellow classmates.

Take a Break: Your videos and music will look better and load faster than ever on a 13.3” HD screen with a Solid State Drive & Quad Core technology.

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LED 27"

Modern Designer

Hit the Books: The Magic Upscale feature allows you to expand your view on your calendar, assignments and group projects by preventing image degradation when scaling up your files.

Keep in Touch: Get the best view from any seat in your room with an extra wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, giving you the same picture quality from any front angle.

Take a Break: A mega DCR delivers new levels of color and picture quality that will bring your entertainment and gaming to life in a whole new way.

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Camera Wi-Fi

Artistic Shutterbug

Hit the Books: Get creative with your class projects with unique photos you can take yourself. Add a personalized element that will make you stand out from the rest of class.

Keep in Touch: Save photos and videos directly to a computer or cloud service right from your camera as soon as you shoot for instant access later on.

Take a Break: Share photos and videos to your friend’s Android phones wirelessly with MobileLink.

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W300 Pocket

Rugged Filmmaker

Hit the Books: Full HD movie recording and advanced built-in editing software give you the creative freedom you need for creative video projects.

Keep in Touch: Upload and share videos and still photos just by plugging into the USB port or any compatible device. Charge the battery even while on the go.

Take a Break: For when you need to let loose and get away from school, the W300 is the perfect companion. Go on an adventure and capture every moment.

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