Battery Pack

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Powerfully stylish

The modern design and handy strap make charging on the run easy. And your choice of two colours makes this portable powerhouse a stunning counterpart to your Galaxy S8 or S8+.

Powerfully stylish

Back in action fast

Go even longer between charges with this spare battery pack. It charges itself fast, just like it charges your phone, so keeping powered up is a breeze. And with a handy strap, it's easy to charge on the go.

Back in action fast

Authorised Service Centre HHP(Cellular)

Authorised Service Centre HHP(Cellular) See The Answer

Vodacare Main Call Center: 082-1944

Vodacare Main Call Center: 082-1944 See The Answer

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Battery capacity: The actual capacity (Wh) is measured based on the battery's output current and voltage. It may differ from the capacity (Wh) indicated on the device, depending on the output power condition,the connected device’s circuit configuration, and the operation environment.